eighth year

I'm not putting a proper description up cause I don't want to spoil the story.
sorry guys!!!


5. chapter 4

The worst thing that could possibly happen did, the door into the common room burst open and revealed...

"F Fred?" I whispered, I could feel a blush spreading across me cheeks, I'd just been caught by the man I love kissing another guy, 

"Weasley? what are you doing here?" Draco shouted,

"calm down Draco, he's not here to hurt us, are you?" I was worried that the last thing I'd said to him had stayed with he, but he shook his head, "just let me talk to him, ok?"

"fine" Draco got up and headed to his room, "call me when your done"

once he closed the door I ran across the room and jumped on Fred throwing my arms around his neck,

"I missed you so much" I whispered into his ear, a tear ran down me cheeks and he smiled sadly at me,

"me too" his warm breath tickled my neck,  he lent forward and kissed the tear off my cheek, I smiled at him as he put his arms around my waist, "more than you could imagine"

then I stiffened, i pushed the man in front of me away, he looked hurt, "no this isn't right, Fred Weasley died, your not Fred, who are you" 

"I swear, I am Fredrick Gideon Weasley, and yes I did die, well not exactly" 

"prove it," I whispered running my fingers through his hair, finding his right ear still attached,

"when I 'died' you told me, and I quote 'I love you Fredrick Weasley, I never really meant it, I want everything to do with you, please don't leave me', prof enough for you?" he smiled, the usual crooked grin I remembered so well,

"oh Fred" I smiled back, "but if you didn't die, what really happened?"

"uh, yeah, well that's kinda a long story" he ran his fingers through his long shaggy hair.

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