eighth year

I'm not putting a proper description up cause I don't want to spoil the story.
sorry guys!!!


2. chapter 2

"Jane, what did he do that made you hit him?" Draco whispered in my ear,

"do I need a reason to hit the golden boy?" I mumbled back as I stepped through the door in to the heads' common room, turning towards the door to my room, Draco grabbed my shoulder turning me round to look at him,

"what did he do?" he spat venomously, that blew it for me. I grabbed the front of his shirt in a tight grip and pushed him up against the nearest wall, "Ok i'll tell you what he did" i snapped, "he cornered me and tried to kiss me, happy now?" I tightened my grip on his shirt, "but don't you dare go beat him up, he's like a dog. if you punish him then punish him again he'll wonder what you punishing him for and think he is being naughty cause he is living" Draco smirked at me,

"nice description" he smiled at me, "mind letting go of my shirt now?" i released my grip and he nodded his thanks. leaning down to rest his forehead against mine he whispered softly, "can't stay angry forever now can we?" and with a twinkle in his eye he lent down and kissed me, gently at first, then after wrapping his arms around my waist he pulled me in closer deepening the kiss. slowly my hands found their way to his silky, silvery hair, pulling him even closer. Our bodies stood flush as Draco gently lead us towards the couch, never breaking the kiss he pulled me down onto his lap as he sat on the couch. he plunged his tongue deep into my throat making a small moan escape my lips. gently i rubbed my throbbing center against his rock-hard erection, making him grown in content and lust. Then the worst thing that could possibly happen did, the door into the common room burst open and revealed...

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