eighth year

I'm not putting a proper description up cause I don't want to spoil the story.
sorry guys!!!


1. chapter 1

I pushed him up against the wall and glared into his eyes, he was panting hard from our fight and I could see the loss dawning in his eyes, the adrenalin pumping through my veins slowed and my breath too came raggedly,

"had enough, Potter?" I spat in Harry's face, he glared a me as most of the bystanders moved off leaving only my fellow Slytherins and potter's boyfriend and his pet night-troll left standing around.

"Jane? Potter? what are you doing" the platinum blond boy comes running round the corner, as if coming to my aid,

"bloody hell Draco, I can do this myself" I yelled,

"yeah Malfoy, let your muggleborn girlfriend take care of me herself" I slammed harry back into the wall again, not releasing the collar of his robes,

"let me punch his face in" Draco whined,

"shove off Malfoy" I snapped back, he looked hurt, I rolled my eyes and brought my hand up to Harry's face, braking his nose and splitting his lip with two punches, then I brought my knee up between his legs, letting go of his collar at the same time. he sunk to the ground in pain and I kicked him in the side, the other Slytherins dragged Ron and Hermione away, so they couldn't help Harry, I followed them out of the empty classroom calling a party in my victory, Draco stayed behind to clean up the mess.

"episky" Draco pointed his wand at harry and healed him, the punched him in the face
re-breaking his nose, "that's for loving my girlfriend" he spat and left Harry writhing in pain on the floor of the classroom, just as Draco left the Weasley and his girlfriend ran in to help Harry.

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