Clarity *Catching Paper Comp Entry*

*Catching Paper Entry* When a man walks into River's Dance Studio, she doesn't know what to expect from him. *Cover by Dystopia*


2. Where the Adventure Begins!

"Sam Orin Swan, what does he want with me now?" I mumble to myself,

"Maybe he want's to but in with your business?" I mumble again,

"Or maybe he wants to take you back..." I hear a voice say, I look up it's him.

"Sam, after what you did to me... No just no!" I yell at him,

"I'm a different man now, River...." he tells me,

"No I can't believe after what you did to me.. You said you Loved Me! Then you go and kiss and go out with a different girl at the same time!" I yell louder,

"Well, will you come with me to New York? Even if you don't trust me." He asks,

"Well passing up a trip to New York, would be like death. So sure." I tell him,

"Well then, here's your scholarship to Julliard..." He says as he hands me paperwork.

"What?!?" I yell in excitement,

"I accept all admissions." He says.

Later that night I realize something... Sarah is gonna have to deal with the dance studio herself while I'm gone...

Hey Sarah, I've gotta suprize for you!-River


While I'm off at Julliard  you get the dance studio!-River

OMG, thank you!-Sarah

When I'm done texting Sarah I go and pack all of my outfits, shoes, dance stuff, and room decor.

"I'm ready to go." I say as I lay in my bed.

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