Clarity *Catching Paper Comp Entry*

*Catching Paper Entry* When a man walks into River's Dance Studio, she doesn't know what to expect from him. *Cover by Dystopia*


1. The man.

"Five, six, seven eight." I yell as I watch the kid's dance to the music when all of a sudden a man walks in. "Kid's, into the dressing room." I whisper to them, as they walk away. "Hello I'm River Mae Rose, and you are?" I ask the man,

"I'm Sam Orin Swan." He responds,

"Please go away, we can talk later. The children need their dance lesson."

"Are you Scottish? You sound Scottish."

"Go away!" I yell,

"OKAY, okay..." he says as he walks out.

"Ok kids class dismissed early." I yell as they walk out. I walk up to my room, that was the last class of the day. As I start to dance up here I hear a knock on the door downstairs. As I walk downstairs I see the man at the door. "Go away!" I say as I open the door,

"Just hear me o-" he says before I cut him off,

"I'm not interested I'm fine with my small dance studio, and I don't need your help or whatever your giving out!"

I say as I slam the door. When I hear a knock again... Still him.

"GO AWAY!" I yell through the door.

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