Forbidden love

Clairason Harley is our average teenage high school sweetheart. Her boyfriend Damon Rodgers wants a little more than she expects. When Damon try's to seduce her into sex she can't resist his charmingness to get her drunk. A few weeks later she wakes up pregnant and finds out that Damon forced her to have sex that night, when she breaks up with him he tries as hard as he can to try and win back thief love but most of all, see his kid.


3. chapter 3

I widened my eyes. Now that I realize this problem I don't even remember this. I had to lie. I stuttered as I thought of a good lie.

"Umm. I. I got a shower last night before I fell asleep here last night." She bought it.

" well ok. But next one before you go home check to see if you're wearing everything." She popped her head up. " oh! That's right! I forgot my purse upstairs!" She ran upstairs.

"Wanna explain why my bra was here?" He smirked.

"Like you said, you got a shower last night." I glared at him. Don't lie. If I got a shower my hai-" my mother shrieked. We both bolted up the steps. Her face was burning red.

"Claire! I can't believe you would lie to me!" I wanted to cry. I never lied.

"Mom! to tell you the truth I don't know why my bra was here-" she pointed to and outstretched condom. I gasped and covered my mouth.

"You!" I said as I pointed at Damon. " that wasn't Apple juice you gave me hard liqueur last night to get me drunk just so you can have sex with me!?" I yelled. My mom started to cry. " how could you do this to me!? I said when I'm ready. Not when you feel like it. You betrayed me. I'm never talking to you again! Were over!" I grabbed my moms arm and took her home.


I layed in my room not saying a word. I skipped school yesterday from too much embarrassment. My mother knocked on my bedroom door.

"Sweetly. Your principle called. She says you can't afford to miss another day." I unlocked my door.

"If anything goes wrong will you allow me to go straight home?" She smiled and put a piece of hair behind my ear.


I walked into the school. Hundreds of people stared at me as I walked by. Did Damon really tell everybody? I walked past a group of girls giggling. There I was... Having sex. ON!!!!!! I quickly walked down the hall now nearly leaping. These group of boys looked at me and moaned as if to mimic me. I turned around and ran really fast back home leaving my car at school.

My mother held me in her arms and rubbed her hand up and down across my back and tried to sooth me. I sniffed and covered myself farther down in my blanket. My dad came out with a hot steaming pot of coffee and 3 tea cups and set them on the coffee table. I picked up a cup and my dad poured some coffee in mine along with some milk.

"Careful Claire, it's hot." My mom precautioned me. I ignored him taking a big gulp. I spit it out all over my dads trousers. He yelped an pursed his lips together. I stuttered trying to apologize. He held up his hand.

"You know what? Claire why don't you go take a nap while I go change." It was more a demand than a question. I a Walked slowly down the hall and slammed my door shut. I logged onto my phone and went on YouTube to see the latest updates. I nearly screamed when I saw what was on the most viewed list.


I burst out crying and threw my phone across the room cracking the screen. Tears dripped like a never ending waterfall. I stuck my head underneath my pillow and wiped my nose. Maria started to text me.

Maria: you ok Claire?

Claire:I'm fine

Maria:just don't listen to them ok. They don't know what really happened and they barley know who you are.

Claire: I know I gtg.

I put some pajama pants on and fell asleep.

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