The eye of the storm


1. the last memory

"Bye poo." Whinnies dad cooed. Winnie rolled her eyes and grabbed Danielle's hand.

"You gonna be ok? Mom is at work today so I'm gonna be the one picking you up from school alright?" Danielle nodded.

Winnie waved goodbye to Danielle and walked up to second school.

Winnie shoved her booked into the tiny locker but they all came tumbling out.

"Winnie! Hey! Lemme help ya!" Taiga offered.

"Thanks t. They really need bigger lockers like middle school. Or grade school." Latina chuckled and closed winnies locker.

Off they headed to home room neither of them wanting to go.

Winnie sat at her desk during 5th period biting her eraser trying to remember how to solve the math problem.

"Winnie?" Mr. Jefferson called. Winnie looked up.

"Yes?" He ave Winnie a soft look.

"Could you come out to the hallway with me, please?" He asked.

Winnie set her stuff down and followed me. Jefferson to the hallway.

"I got an email. About your mother. " Winnie bit we lip.

"I'm afraid your mothers. Well. She's dead. " her lip popped out and she stood frozen.

Me. Jefferson took her shoulders and directed her to the office where her little sister an father sat. Danielle had tear stained face and continued to cry. Her father kinda just stated into nothing.

"Dad? Are you ok?" He glimpsed a soft look at Winnie and sighed looking at the wall once again.

Winnie grasped Danielle's hand and touched he fathers shoulder.

"I'm not gonna cry." She whispered. "Be strong Winnona. Be like your mother. Strong. "

Her father strolled down the hall of the house and locking his bedroom door behind him.

"Would you like something to eat?" Winnie asked her sister. Danielle shook her head. "Listen Danny. I know it's hard losing mom like that." Danielle looked at Winnie.

"Then why didn't you cry. "

Winnie bit her lip.

"I did. In the inside. On the outside I tol myself. Be strong. Do what mom always did. Be strong. Can you be strong? Like me and mom?" Danielle smiled and nodded taking in a big Whig of snot.

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