Anything can happen

When beastboy has a weird dream he starts to wonder what it means. He doesn't remember much from the dream but he does know that it was about raven. Is beastboy being silly or does his dream actually mean something?


4. starfire's idea

The rest of the week was very quiet. The titans just hung out in the tower.


"Yeah Star?"

"I was wondering if maybe we could host the party?"

"What kind of party are we talking about?"

"Well, a game party. We would play the earth games."

"Hmm. So who would be coming to the game night?"

"Well titans east and some other honorary titans would join us."

"Okay let's ask the others." And with that Starfire flew out of the room to gather her team mates.

Once the whole team was gathered they discuses Starfire's idea.

"I don't care." Said Raven.

"As long as we play truth or dare." Exclaimed Beastboy with a large grin on his face.

"So, Bee will be there?" Asked Cyborg. Starfire nodded. "Alright, that cool."

Robin stood up and spoke, "alright it looks like we will have a game night tomorrow."

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