I'm Isaac, this is me

This is a story told my Isaac, including an alternate ending to tfios. This lets us see what Isaac thinks about the world around him.


2. My friends

  I should have mentioned this stuff earlier, but oh well. Let's talk about my friends. My close friends are Hazel and Gus. Hazel is a cancer patient. Gus has been cancer-free for a while now. I don't know what they look like, but their words can make my day. I used to have a girlfriend. She was- okay, let's just not even talk about her. I don't want to get emotional over it. So back to my friends. They are great people. Oh, did I mention that they are boyfriend and girlfriend? I wonder how cute they are together. Speaking of them, I'm supposed to hang out with them today. They just got back from a vacation somewhere in Europe not too long ago. If only I could see them. This is the thing about being blind. I don't have to see the horrible things in the world, but I miss out on the things that are said to be beautiful. I guess that's the thing about blindness. It demands to be-different.

 I'm hanging out with Hazel and Gus right now. We are all just having a nice picnic outside. "So," I said, "how was your little vacation?". "Oh, it was wonderful," Hazel said, "everything there was so beautiful." Gus agreed, "Yeah. I loved it. Especially with my Hazel Grace." I bet this looks really cute. "Aww," Hazel started, "I loved spending time with you too, Gus." We were all silent for a moment. "You know," I started, "just by listening to you guys I'm starting to get the idea that you are loving each other more than you ever have." Silence. They must have been looking at each other smiling. "Well, Isaac," Hazel said, "You've got the right idea." Gus said, "Yes, Isaac, you do." It was quiet again, they must have been kissing. These two are perfect. I know that and I can't even see them. I know their love will last forever. I wish I had that in my life. But  Hazel has once said that the world isn't a wish granting factory. If I want something, I need to make it happen. I can't see the girl, but I can love one. 


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