You & I


1. the beginning

Hi my name Is Hannah styles and I have a shitty life well, my brother is harry styles and he is in the biggest boy band called one direction and I never really see him we skype and text but soon I fell into depression were I wouldn't eat and every time harry would skype me it look like I went to hell and back. Today was the day my brother was coming home for 3 months and I was really excited because I missed him a lot. I walk downstairs and into the kitchen I hear the door open and I recognize that curly brown hair every one loves and he set his bags down and ran to me and hugged me and then the rest of the boys came in and put there bags down and ran over to me. Me and Louis have this bond that I can't explain it's just that we like each other for who they are and believe in each other so we never gets mad only if you don't laugh after he tells a joke. Niall is my best friend but I like him a lot but I don't know if he likes me and it's weird liking you best friend and my brothers best friend. So this is the story of my shitty and wonderful wonderful story of how two best friends became more than friends!!! NO HATE thanks~ ?

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