Bad Choices

People think that life is easy with money. Well, I don't. I have parents who don't give a damn about me. They care about their other kids. The kids that weren't adopted. Guess who the kids are.

Harry Styles and Gemma Styles.

Harry: 16 years old
Gemma: 20 years old
Ariana: 16 years old


2. Chapter 2

Person's POV

I just couldn't stand how she was getting bullied. It reminded me of how I used to get bullied. I wanted to stop this. People think I'm the bad boy but that's not true. I'm a person who cares for someone. I never actually dated a girl before. I never even fucked a girl. I would just pay them money to tell the lies. I have sisters to take care of because both my mom and dad died a year ago because of a car crash.

I had to earn my own money by joining a band. The bands name is One Direction. It's pretty popular right now. All the girls love it and that's pretty much how I became the bad boy. I would've thought that they were just yelling names at her but they started throwing eggs.

"Stop it!" The words came out of my mouth and everyone's attention turned towards me.

Even the girl looked at me. I didn't know what to say after being embarrassed. I decided to cover it up.

"At least let me join in," I chuckled.

I didn't want the girl to get hurt and I don't want me to get hurt. I didn't know what to do. The bell soon rang and everyone hurried off to their classes while I walked towards the girl when they all left.

"You okay?" I whispered hoping nobody but her heard.

"Yeah, I have a question. Why is the "bad boy" helping me. Are you trying to have sex with me because no way is that happening," She said.

I felt like I saw her face somewhere. I felt like I knew her. But who was she? Thinking and thinking, I then remembered her.

~Flashback~ (Five Years Ago)

"Tommy hurry up!! You don't want to be late do you?" She said.

~End of Flashback~

Remembering that sentence made me realize who she was. And realizing that made me remember what happened five years ago that caused me and Ariana to move.

We were in sixth grade and Tommy was my nickname. (Tomlinson ----> Tommy) My name used to be David but I changed it after that happened. I didn't want him to find me again. So I changed my name and pretended to have a car crash and die. The guy thought I really died but I just told the doctors not to tell anyone. In reality, there's only one of me but everyone thinks that I'm just a twin. I thought I would never see Ariana ever again. I was so happy I finally got to see her.

"Ariana?" I said.

She had a shocked face and tears rolled down her face.

She could barely say it but she said it.

"Da..Da..David.." She said crying.

"Hi Ariana, long time no see huh?" I said trying to hold back my tears but I couldn't. I just couldn't hold my tears. I started crying so she hugged me but something made me shake with fear. A voice that could change my whole life.

The person was........

Authors Note:

Hey guys!! I hope you like this!! I know it's not 10 likes yet but I hope I can get to it before I publish chapter 3 which I'm still writing. Please like and favorite and fan me. I hope you like it and please comment what I need to improve.

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