Bad Choices

People think that life is easy with money. Well, I don't. I have parents who don't give a damn about me. They care about their other kids. The kids that weren't adopted. Guess who the kids are.

Harry Styles and Gemma Styles.

Harry: 16 years old
Gemma: 20 years old
Ariana: 16 years old


1. Chapter 1

Ariana's POV

I woke up in the morning to the usual breakfast bell. It's been two years ever since I came to the Styles Family. It's been one year ever since my so called parents started to abuse me. I would've left a year ago but my stupid foot made the floor creak and this is why I went to the hospital with one foot and some broken bones. I had my foot back for some reason because they wanted to abuse me more... I have no idea why they would do that but I'm happy that I have my foot back so now I can walk.

I heard another bell which meant I had 5 minutes to get ready. I quickly put on my dirty t-shirt that haven't been washed for 10 months and some rusty pants I found on the streets. You see, I live in a attic that never ever been cleaned before. My bed is the floor. I used to have my clothes clean before my "parents" hired a new maid. The old one was nice and she would always secretly helped me clean my clothes.

My "parents" always gave me a tub of clean water just for cooking, brushing my teeth, and drinking. I rarely cooked ever since I had a job. The people are nice there. They give me clothes and food but I have to take off my clean clothes when I go back to my "house". My "parents" don't like me being treated good. So if I ever wear anything that looks clean, I can't ever go outside anymore.

Good thing my "parents" paid for all my school fees before they went crazy. They even paid for my college fee but my lunch and stuff I have to pay. I quickly brushed my teeth and went downstairs. No one was looking so I ran out the door. I was about to make it before Harry stopped me.

"Where are you going?" He asked.

"You should be in bed naked with me" he said with a smirk.

Have I ever mentioned that he wants to have sex with me. He is such a player and since we aren't true brothers and sisters, he can marry me.

"No thanks," I replied walking out the door.

I ran to school hoping nobody would notice me. If someone did I would have names like slut, bitch, bastard, hobo, and more stuff yelled at me. And today was my bad luck day. Everyone seemed to notice me and people threw eggs at me.

"Stop it!" A voice yelled.

Everyone stopped to look at who it was.

It was the one person nobody thought would stand up for me.

The bad boy in this school.

His name was......

Author's Note:

Hey guys sorry for canceling How can this be. I hope you like this story and I will update when I get 10 likes.


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