A child's view of death. Very sad, just warning you. [This is also included in my "Leaves of Lines" compilation]


1. I'll wait.

Why can’t I see you?

Why aren’t you there?

Why have you left me?

Why don’t you care?


Why don’t you visit?

Why don’t you write?

Why have you gone?

Why can’t you fight?


Why don’t they tell me,

why you don’t come back?

Why must they worry?

Why must I pack?


Why are we leaving?

Why should we go?

Why aren’t you coming?

Why can’t I know?


Why do you lie there?

Why don’t you move?

Why can’t you come?

Why don’t they approve?


Why won’t you look at me?

Why won’t you walk?

Why can’t you hug me?

Why won’t you talk?


Why are they dragging me?

Why are they crying?

Why do they apologize?

Why explain dying?


Why are they hugging me?

Why are there tears?

Why can’t I talk to you?

Why can’t you hear?


Why do they shut you off?

Why do they bury you?

Why can’t you get out?

Why can’t I come too?


Why do they tell me

that you’re not coming back?

Why do they hug me

and whisper and pat my back?


What do they mean you’re gone?

What do they mean you’ve died?

Why can’t I come with you?

Why didn’t you comfort when I cried?


I don’t know what these people mean,

I don’t understand what they say.

I just want my daddy back

I just want him there to stay.


Though they tell me it can’t happen,

They tell me you’ll always be there.

If only in my secret heart,

If only because I care.


I guess that’s enough for now,

until you come back to me.

They tell me that I’m wrong, 

but I know somehow it’ll be.


You’ll come back, I know you will,

and I’ll wait each and every night.

For you to return to tuck me in,

and turn off my bedroom light.


I’ll wait.

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