They Don't Know About Us

Marcel lives a normal high school life for a ''nerd'' Everything was perfect for him good grades, allot of friends, and his family was rich. He was an only child, so he didn't have to worry about being embarrassed by siblings. Until one tragic day when he was pulled out of school and immediately put on a plane to america without saying goodbye to his parents. He was bullied at the american school worse than every before right to the point when he wanted to commit suicide until he fell in-love with a girl named shyann who changed his life


14. What are we?

*Shyanns P.O.V* 

While driving back down the road to his house i just couldnt help but think again about what our relationship was. Were we a thing? We cant be, but are we? I kept asking myself these questions which made me get anxious about Harry. 

*Harrys P.O.V*

I tell you i kinda like Shyann. I wonder if she has a boyfriend. I hope she doesnt! Shyann is just perfect shes just amazing from head to toe. She is incredibly beautiful. I love how short she is compared to me, and how long her hair is, and her eyes, her smile, just everything about her in general. I nearly passed my Uncle driveway just bu thinking about her. "Woah Harry! Where are you going?" She said while laughing. I loved her laugh it was so cute when she closed her eyes and laughed when somthing was really funny. I backed the car up quickly since another car was awaiting impatiently beeping its horn at me. I pulled all the way into the garage and there was 2 butlers awaiting for me outside near the door.  We got out the car and i opened the back to get out her suit case, i plopped it on the ground and shut the door and turned around to the butlers starring at me.  "Would you like us to get the for you sir?" One man said while pointing at her bag. I nodded my head and waved for them to leave. I dragged her suit case all the way to the stairs and stopped. I caught my breath and the attemted to ligt the beg and carry it to my room but it was just way to heavy. "I cant take this anymore!" Shyann said while lifting up one end of the suit case. I picked up the other end and we slowly carried it up the stairs. I asked Shyann if she needed to stop then just say so. She laughed. We finally got to my room and I noticed that I only had 1 dresser. "Wait here!" I said while running out of my room. I ran down the stairs and almost tripped on the last step by jumping off a little too quickly. I found my Aunt falling asleep on the couch. "Aunt C!" I yelled. I startled her and she jumped up but fell onto the ground. "Whats the matter sweety?" She said while getting off the floor. "Well i, i was ju- just wondering, well Shyann needs a dresser?" I said while making a wierd face. She knew exactly what i was talking about. "Go ahead and pick one from any guest room." She said while pointing up stairs. I went over to her and i kissed her cheek, then i sprinted up the stairs. I went to the nearest guest room to mine and found a medium sized black dresser. Luckily for me it was light, i pushed it all the way back to my room and found Shyann sleeping on my bed. I pushed her dresser to the only wall that was empty. I turned around to Shyann and walked over to get her suit case. I unpacked everything for her, hung her shirts and dresses folded her pants and shorts. After an hour of folding and making it all perfect Shyann woke up. "You are so sweet!" She said while getting up and walking towards me. She out both her hands on my cheeks. I leaned in to kiss her but i was interrupted by my Uncle. "Save it for later you too!" He said while walking past my door. We both stated laughing and she gave me a confused look. I smirked at her and raised my eye brows. I leaned in and kissed her very gently. The kiss was so passionate and in such slow motion as if i was in a movie and the camera was spinning around us. I was falling for her, but she didnt know it yet. i wondered if she felt the same about me?


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