They Don't Know About Us

Marcel lives a normal high school life for a ''nerd'' Everything was perfect for him good grades, allot of friends, and his family was rich. He was an only child, so he didn't have to worry about being embarrassed by siblings. Until one tragic day when he was pulled out of school and immediately put on a plane to america without saying goodbye to his parents. He was bullied at the american school worse than every before right to the point when he wanted to commit suicide until he fell in-love with a girl named shyann who changed his life


16. Were Alone.

*Harrys P.O.V*

My Aunt came into the room with tears in her eyes. 
"I-Im so sorry Harry!" 
I turned to Shyann and told her to go out on my balcony.
My Aunts face was red and she was breathing very heavily. She got up and hugged me for what felt like 12 minutes. 
"Me, your Uncle and your cousins have to leave... we will be gone for a couple days. 
She kissed me forehead and patted my leg before leaving my room.
Shyann walked back into my room and sat infront of me. 
"What was that all about?"
I shrugged my shoulders.

We walked down to the front door to say goodbye. Hugging all of them and watching them pull out of the driveway. My Aunt put her number in so that i only had to press 4 to call her. We both showered abiding by my Uncles rules then went straight to bed since we had school the next day. My balcony door never would shut so it was always cold in my room. I still didnt know Shyann enough to sleep nude next to her. We said goodnight to each other and snuggled into the middle trying to get warm. While falling off into a deep sleep.


We woke up the next morning a couple minutes before my alarm went off. We got dressed in the same room facing each other not even caring to cover our bodies. It was like we were married in our own house. It was very weird eating breakfast alone without them talking about what they want to happen or why they dont want to  go to school/work. After watching television for about 15 minutes we hopped in my car that my Aunt left for me and drove to school before we were late. We got to school and no one was there. I told Shyann to stay in the car and walked into the front office. I was good friends with the lady that was in there. 

"What do you think your doing here?"


"I thought we had school today?"


"No Harry you wont have school for the next 2 days..... Go on home now before they make you sit in  detention." she said while smiling.


I walked out of the office and got back into my car. 


"Well we dont have school for the next 2 days so what do you want to do?"

Shyann cocked and eyebrow and shrugged her shoulders.

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