They Don't Know About Us

Marcel lives a normal high school life for a ''nerd'' Everything was perfect for him good grades, allot of friends, and his family was rich. He was an only child, so he didn't have to worry about being embarrassed by siblings. Until one tragic day when he was pulled out of school and immediately put on a plane to america without saying goodbye to his parents. He was bullied at the american school worse than every before right to the point when he wanted to commit suicide until he fell in-love with a girl named shyann who changed his life


7. First day.

When Marcel woke up he jumped to his bathroom and was full of energy. He brushed his teeth, combed his hair and then went to go put on the clothes he set out the night before. He looked in the mirror and did a turn like he was a common white girl getting ready for a party. Once he was satisfied he went back into his bathroom and dabbed a handful of gel and swept it back in his gel next her sprince some hairspray making sure it would all hold together. It was already 6:32 so Marcel grabbed his shoes and ran downstairs before he was really late. He sat down in the same chair he was sitting in the days hes been there. Out of breath he managed to say "good morning" while everyone was starring at him. "Your bus gets here in 14 minutes so you have only 8 minutes to eat" My Uncle said while walking into the dinning room with Cindy. Once we were all done my Aunt walked us towards their door handing us our bags. As we were walking down the driveway my Aunt yelled "Have a good day my beautiful children, I love you all!" None of her kids said anything so i looked back and said "You have a good day at work as well Aunt C, and i love you too!" This made her have the hugest smile. My Aunt was always a Mother figure to me, since she was my mothers sister. Once we were all at the bus stop i started to feel a bit nervous. My heart started racing once i seen the bus start rolling the road towards us. "Im so nervous!" I said while rubbing the back of my neck hoping someone would hear me. Hallie looked back at me and said "Dont worry! Youll be fine just dont say the wrong thing to someone" She tried to make me feel better but that made me feel worse. I got on the bus first and i looked at the driver she was old, very short and had dark tanned wrinkly skin. She was smoking a cigarette and drinking red-bull but before i made my towards a seat my bus driver stopped me and said "Whats your name, and where do you live" "My name is Marcel, and i now live with my Uncle and his wife and kids" I said while pointing at my Cousins. She smiled and blew a puff of smoke in my face and said to find a seat. I sat right behind the bus driver due to cause it was the first seat i saw that was empty. A boy towards the back yelled "HEY HALLIE IS THAT YOUR BOYFRIEND!" Then a bunch of people started laughing. "No he my cousin jackass!" The whole bus was quiet while i was fighting back my laughter. Not even 2 minutes into the bus ride when paper balls were being thrown at me. Could they be anymore immature i thought to myself. All of a sudden the bus came to a halt! I lifted my head up to see Shyann getting on. Immediately i started smiling signaling her to sit with me but before she seen me the bus driver stopped her and asked her the same questions. I patted my seat for her to sit down but the bus driver said boys and girls couldnt sit next to each other. So Shyann politely sat in the seat across from mine. 

                                     *Shyanns P.O.V*
As i got on the bus i seen Marcel waving to me. I rolled my eyes and kept looking straight to make sure he didnt notice i seen him. The bus driver stopped me and said "Whats your name and where do you live" I said my name was Shyann and that i lived in the house that the bus was stopped in front of. She smiled and blew her smoke into my face and said find a seat while coughing. I went to go sit next to Marcel but the bus driver said girls and boys couldnt sit next to each other so i asked the little girl in the next seat next to him if i could sit there. she rolled her eyes and said "If you must" I plopped down while the bus hurried off down the road. I noticed Marcel and how happy he was, how could he be so damn happy i mean this was school were going to. I took a deep breath in and smelled the same cologne Marcel was wearing when we first met. Gosh it smelled so good! 

They arrived to the school in less than 5 minutes. They bus driver called roll saying our names last. We got off walking next to each other. It was only 

7:25 the bell rings at 7:30. We hurried inside as the gates were closing. Everyone starred at us. The bell rang as soon as we sat down in our homeroom. Our teacher called role and noticed that there was 2 new students. She told us both to get up and introduce our self's. After that they both sat down in their seats. A boy walked in 10 minutes late and walked past Marcels desk. He stopped next to him and said "Hi im Ralph!" then put his hand on his desk and pulled all of his school stuff off. I got up to help him pick up his school stuff but he said "Its fine really you dont have to waste your time picking up my stuff" he said while frowning. "Im gonna help you its no big deal Marcel!" I said trying to smile at him. After we got all of his stuff put up we sat down trying to listen to the teacher say our lesson. Not even 2 minutes trying to write down the lesson more paper balls were being thrown at Marcel. I felt really bad for him but i tightened my grip not to say anything back to them. We were walking to find a table at lunch when we walked past the 'popular' table and Ralph put his foot out almost tripping Marcel. He managed to get his balance and looked over at him. They were all laughing at him. Marcel turned around and Ralph said "oops sorry!" We walked over to an empty table and sat infront of each other. "Im sorry" I said while trying to get him to look at me. "I just wish i could show them what i really am!" He said while giving a very angry look. "What do you mean?" I said. He looked up at me and said. "I can change so fast this isnt the real me!" he said while clenching his fists. "Whats that supposed to mean Marcel!" I said while my voice getting a little bit louder. "Maybe if we got to know each other a little bit more ill tell you!" He said while winking at me. 
                         *Shyanns P.O.V*
"Maybe if we got to know each other a little bit more ill tell you." he said then winking at me. What did this mean? Did he like me? First time a guy ever 'winked' at me. Was he a totally different person and this Marcel look was all an act?



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