What Seen Cant Be Unseen

India nothing thought anything exciting could ever happen in her life. Think again. When she went to the park with her brother something unimaginable happens.


2. Louis?

So his name is Boobear? Who would name their child that? Im not here to judge but wow that's just weird! Well anyway I follow them to a hotel. They have 3 rooms. I followed Niall and a boy with a shaved head. They got a room.(2Beds!) When we got there Niall just dropped down and cried. I went to go hug him but that's Impossible.

"Niall you've hardly talked after the concert do u want to tell all the boys now? We want to help you. Okay?" said the boy

"Yea sure Liam" Niall says sniffling.  Ok so his name is Liam. They both head out of their room and I follow.

Now were in a hotel room with everyone else. Niall is going to tell them how I died.

"Okay so it happed a few years ago..." Niall starts.

"Ahhh" I heard a scream! I turn its that Boobear guy.

"Louis what's wrong!" Liam says

"There I-is a g-ghost!" Louis screams.

"There is no one there. Niall go on" Said the boy with the giant quiff.

Niall started again "I was pushing my little sister India when she jumped off. And she split her head."  He was crying really hard now.

Everyone pated him on the back and comforted him. That's when Louis walked over to me.

"Who are you?" He said I pointed to myself.

"Yes you." He said

"I am India and how can you see me? No one has ever been abled to see me?" I answered 

"Your Nialls sister!" he said afraid.

"Yes but please don't make a big deal out of this." I pleaded but he was already walking over to the boys.

"Okay boys watch your going to think im crazy but just watch." he said to them. " India please show them something or just do something." he kind of yells to me. Alright ill play along. I grab a notepad and a pen. they are now floating. I write 'Hello Niall and Niall's friends'. I then hear gasps.

"See I told you" Louis says in their faces. I write 'Please introduce your self' after I write that the curly headed boy leaves to his room and slams the door.


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