Why Me The Unknown?

Imagine being given the chance to go on a trip to Europe; of course not alone. Nina Cervantes, a newly graduated high school student, goes on a trip with her fellow classmates. Touring Europe will open new doors, give her the chance to experience new traditions, and make new friends. What she didn't know was that her new friends were going to be the one and only (Drum roll) One Direction! Read more to learn how one summer in Europe completely changed Nina's life.


4. *Chapter 3*


Dumbren's POV


Why Joe? Why? I can't let him (sew a cad and velociraptor to a flag and go dancing..jk)....I can't let him do this to my friends... and I won't. I found my brother and the girls. When I got there I didn't want them to see anything was wrong so I decided to just act normal. Or what I thought could pass off as normal.


"Hi everyone...", I said and could already tell I messed up since I said it with a hint of sadness.


"What's wrong?" asked Jessica. "Nothing just leave me alone."


"Damn Dumbren, Jessica was just trying to help you. God, don't give her that kind of attitude mister." Ally said viciously.


"I know, I know. I'm truly sorry about that, I know how it makes you feel."


(present time)


I can't believe I blew it. I'm so stupid. Wow...guess I will have to tell them what happened and if George, Joe, Steve and the others do something to them, then I will have to tell them. Not yet, but soon.


Nina's POV


What's wrong with Dumbren? I have to ask him. I guess I have to do it after because we are taking our seats right now.


"Why do they have to separate our little gang?!" Ally and her comments.


"I don't know and really. Since when did we become a gang? If we are then who is our leader?" Sky asked.


"Holy Cheese and Crackers Chelsea! Can't believe you made it in time. Did you bring my brother?"


"Yes, Nina I brought Jeremiah and same. I'm glad I made it in time." Right as she finished that sentence someone cut in, "Oh My God Chaz! I love your hair, they look like curly fries. Why? And now I want curly fries, curse your beautiful curls." Ally said. "Cause I'm black." Wow Way to go Chaz.


"Hello, ladies." The one and only dreadful demon said.


"Ugh, Joe why are you here? Did you lose your little bitch?" Sky said.


Joe chose to ignore her and continued on "Just look-" then Chelsea cut him off by saying, "Where?"


"Not funny, but all of you beautiful girls will be mine one way or another. I honestly don't care what I have to do to get you."


"Go look for Brianna or something. Oh, wait she's over there sitting or lying down...I don't know what the hell she is doing, but I think that seat next to her has your name on it. Oh yeah, I went there". I'm so glad I have a big mouth and attitude.


"You're so lucky that you are pretty, adorable and hot. Same goes to for the rest of you." He said then left after pinching my cheeks. "Aww somebody has a crush...On Us!" No really Jessica.


"Oh, and by the way Nina...nice ass," Joe said before he left to take his seat by the thing.


"I have to admit it would take balls to do that and it's true Niners. That ass is fine. At least I can touch it along with all of yours." Brandon finished off.


"Oh My God Brandon Gross. But on another note, he's not wrong there. Just to let you know for saying that you will regret it." Ally said.


"Oh yeah, Allybear? And what are you going to do about it, smother me in kisses." You should have seen what happened. Ally gave him a super wedgie then slapped him and made Jade lick his face.


Poor Jade. She is a sweet girl and is so naturally beautiful. I don't know why guys always turn her down and make fun of her. I guess you can say it's because she is a "nerd or geek", but she's so cute. She reminds me of a button. Also, I think Brandon has a crush on her, I mean who wouldn't be based on what I said. "They would make such a cute couple" Chelsea whispered so Brandon and Jade couldn't hear and we all hummed in agreement.


{Word count 673}


Sorry, this chapter is still short, but trust me the chapters will get longer.  


Quote of the day


You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think~ Christopher Robin 

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