Why Me The Unknown?

Imagine being given the chance to go on a trip to Europe; of course not alone. Nina Cervantes, a newly graduated high school student, goes on a trip with her fellow classmates. Touring Europe will open new doors, give her the chance to experience new traditions, and make new friends. What she didn't know was that her new friends were going to be the one and only (Drum roll) One Direction! Read more to learn how one summer in Europe completely changed Nina's life.


3. *Chapter 2*

Nina's POV


Today is the day. I'm going to the airport. There are more girls than guys, but who cares I have to look for my buddies. "You Guys Excited?" I asked sneaking up on them.


"Holy Crap! You scared me, and yes. Yes we are." said Sky, another one of my amazing friends.


"Did you hear that there's a wonderful chaperone?" Ally said. "No, I didn't. Who is it?"


"Well, Nina...I guess you aren't one of the first people who find out all of the gossips anymore." I heard a familiar voice say behind me so I turned around and screamed.


"Oh My God, Jessica!" I gave her the biggest and tightest bear hug in the world.


"Alright folks we are going to be boarding the plane and I need everyone to follow me", said Mr. Kulish.


"You guys ready to have some fun?!" said Brandon.


"Where's your brother? I thought that he was coming as well", I asked completely ignoring his question.


"Nina I know you like my brother, but hey.. .you could have this other, cuter and sexier man."


Ugh, Brandon, why would he think that I would actually like him or his brother. "I don't like him or would I ever like you. You are both like brothers to me!" I yelled back. Oh yay here comes Dumbren. Weird name I know but it's unique just like him. Hopefully, he's not going to annoy us like his brother Brandon. "Hi everyone...", he said with a hint of sadness in his voice.


"What's wrong?" asked Jessica. "Nothing just leave me alone." Something must bad must have happened before he came to the airport. I wonder what though. I would ask him, but I don't want to pry. Even though I should. But I'm a nice friend so I won't.


"Damn Dumbren, Jessica was just trying to help you. God, don't give her that kind of attitude mister." Ally said viciously. "I know, I know. I'm truly sorry about that, I know how it makes you feel." Finally some kindness into our conversation.


Dumbren's POV


(10 minutes earlier)


I was walking through the doors trying to find my friends and brother. I was so pissed. He said he would give me a ride here to the airport, but when I get out to the driveway...he was gone. What a brother.


My mom asked if she could take me and I accepted. When I got inside a group of guys came up to me. The same group that would bully me since the second grade. "Aww, your mommy brought you here how cute. Guess you were always a mama's boy Brandork". George said WAY too close to my face. Hasn't he heard of personal space and umm... Orbit gum. And that nickname still to this day. My brother has always been better than me at almost everything and although he is always making fun of me he's my best friend. That nickname came up because I was always in his shadow and because of my dorky name. I know so creative. Not.


"Why can't you guys go pick on someone else? Why do you guys even bully me? What did I do?" I was so determined to know.


"The reason why is because we just don't like you," Joe stated. Wow, why can't he give me a better reason as to why?


"Can't you guys just leave me alone for the trip and go bug somebody else. Just please!" Anything to get them to stop for the summer.


"You know what...fine, but anyone right?" What do you think I just said, George. Sometimes I feel good knowing that nobody can read your mind...well except for Raven from That's so Raven. Wait doesn't she see the future or a bit of it? Oh well.


"Yes, anyone. I have to go look for my friends, so tell me when you've thought of somebody or multiple people." Gosh, I feel bad for those other kids. At least I won't be picked on anymore.


"Well, I already have a couple of people in mind," Joe said in a creepy way.


"Who?" I asked.


"Well you see, there are a couple....five people actually." Okay, not a shocker.


"Well good luck." Thank God they aren't going to pick on me.


"When you get to your friends, tell all the girls I say hi. Got It."


Oh Hell No. Not Them. I was going to say something, but they were already walking away. Ugh, why did I have to say...anyone. I'm so stupid now, whatever happens, will be my fault.


{Word count 764}


Sorry, this chapter is still short, but trust me the chapters will get longer.  


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