Maybe if she listened

"Sometimes it's better to leave things unknown than to find out the truth,because you may not like the answer you find at the end"

Chloe Manson didn't listen to this advice when she was told,uncovering her parents death,would only cause he pain,trouble and heartbreak.

She didn't listen when she was told digging for the answers would only put her in danger and nothing good would come out of it.

And she didn't listen when the police told her never to leave the house in search of answers.

But she still went and found out the answers to the million questions she had.

Maybe if she listened she wouldn't be in danger and she would be living a normal teenage life with her beloved boyfriend Zayn Malik.


10. Chapter 10

1 weeks later.

Zoe still isn't over the me and Zayn thing.

My alarm goes off for school.7:30

I decide to wear my navy jumpsuit with a white blouse underneath it.I fishtail braid my hair and I walk downstairs.I grab an apple and go.

As I walk in the gates people begin to whisper,"That's her Zayns girl" "Zayn and her are dating" "she knows zayn"

A girl names Maxine who is like really popular walks up to me,"so how's Zayn?" She asks.


I run up to find Zoe."Zoe!" "I'm sorry I couldn't keep it in" "oh for crying out loud Zoe!" I put my head in my hands.

There are Papz pulling up outside the school.Great.

I begin to walk home.

"Jade jade"I look behind me to see Lucas."Get in we'll go get some lunch I know exactly where to go!" I hop in and off we go.

"Thanks so much Lucas,I was not expecting that!" "Yeah you looked really scared" "Do you want me to drop you home?" "Please"I reply 15 minute later I'm home.

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