Ferocity (8+)

When we are angry, we only hurt ourselves. Find out how Jenny learns this.


1. The Diary

"Mom!" Jenny wailed as she searched through the house for her mother. She finally found her in the living room, changing the baby's diaper. "Mom, Nancy found my diary and wrote in it!"

Nancy, Jenny's younger sister, sheepishly looked up from where she was coloring in a coloring book.

"Nancy," Mom said closely as she closed the lid to the diaper wipes, "did you write in Jenny's book?"

"Yes, but just a little bit." Nancy didn't look at Jenny. Instead she carefully put each crayon back into the box.

Mom's eyebrows showed a stern face. "Nancy, you know you shouldn't use Jenny's things without asking first."

"Besides, it wasn't just a little bit," Jenny told Mom. "She wrote on practically every page!"

"Let me look at it." Mom flipped through the pages one-by-one. "It's not too bad. I think Nancy just wants to be like you and do the same things you're doing."

"It's totally wrecked!" Jenny cried.

"Okay. Let's try to think of something we can do to solve the problem," Mom suggested. "Nancy didn't mean to ruin your diary."

"Nothing can fix it. I'll never forgive her!"

Nancy picked up her crayons and coloring book and walked quietly out of the room, not looking at Jenny.

"I really don't think you meant that, Jenny," Mom said. Jenny was so angry that she wouldn't listen to her mother. She threw her diary on the floor and walked outside.

Mother put the baby down on his blanket with a toy and was beginning to prepare dinner when she heard Jenny crying again. This time it was not an angry wail, but a hurt cry.

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