Ross Collects Fast Offerings (10+)

What happens when Ross collects fast offerings during the Depression?


2. The Dime

"Look what I have!" he said as he rushed into his house.

Mother came into the room. Ross reached into his pocket and pulled out a dime and a nickel. He reached back into his pocket for the other dime, but he couldn't feel it. He took off his mitten and reached for it again. It wasn't there.

"I lost a dime," he said in tears. "What will I do?"

"Let's pray for help," Mother said. They knelt together, and Mother prayed that God would help them find the dime.

As they stood, Mother took Ross by both hands, looked into his eyes, and said, "Ross, listen carefully and do exactly what I say. Follow the tracks in the snow back to where you put the money in your pocket. Look carefully until you find a small hole in the snow. When you find the hole, gently brush away the snow and you will find the dime."

Ross hurried outside. It was easy to follow his tracks, and he was soon near the Hansen home. I think it was here that I put the money in my pocket, he thought.

Looking around, he found a small hole in the snow. Carefully, he started to brush the snow away. Soon there was a silver sparkle, and there was the dime, just as his mother had said.

Ross held the coins tightly as he walked to the Bishop's house. He delivered the 25 cents and then hurried home.

"Mother, I found the dime, just as you said," he said as he ran into the house. "And I now know that Heavenly Father heard and answered our prayer."

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