Truth or Dare

On a short break in their tour bus, Niall, Harry, Zayn, Liam, and Louis decide to play a game, one that could go wrong very easily - truth or dare. Soon, it's Niall's turn and he chooses dare. As a joke, the boys dare him to ask out a girl during their next concert. Nothing but innocent fun right? Think again.

[sort of a flashback fanfiction -- this takes place during their Take Me Home tour]
{short chapters}


4. You're Coming With Me

~~~Belle’s P.O.V~~~


When Niall told me I could bring Reese backstage too, I almost started screaming, but then I remembered he wouldn’t like that. However, the minute he walked away, singing, I shouted the words to the song, pushing my way to the front of the stage so Reese could video me. Nobody at school would believe this. Not only did I get to go on stage and dance with the biggest boy band in the world, but Niall gave me backstage passes personally. It was completely unreal. Why me? Why not any of the other prettier girls on stage? Why did he choose me? Niall could have given the pass to anyone, but he chose me. I’m not completely ugly, but I don’t look like a model like half the other girls did. I figured he must’ve just chosen whoever was closest to him. I was nothing special. At that moment though, I really didn’t care. I WAS GOING TO MEET ONE DIRECTION BACKSTAGE!!!!! When the last notes of Kiss You played, different security guards helped us off stage, making sure nobody was trying to hide behind a set piece. I ran back to Reese as fast as my heels would let me.

“Gurrrrl I can NOT believe you just went up there and danced with One Direction!!! How was it?! Did you meet any of them?! Did they talk to you?! Or even bump into you by accident?! Omg I am soooo jealous right now!!” she greeted me.

“Well…I did get to meet one…”

“WHAT?!! WHO?!?!”

“Niall,” I smiled, thinking of his clear, blue eyes and adorable Irish accent.

“Spill,” Reese commanded.

“Well he came up to me and whispered hi in my ear and then…” I trailed off.


“HE GAVE ME THIS!” I held out the backstage pass.

“OMG!!! Wait-but, there’s only one,” her eyes looked down.

“Well, yeah, but I told him about you and he said you could come too!!”


“Of course! Just remember, if you want to make a good impression, don’t scream in their faces.”

“Well, duh, I only scream around you.”

Soon, the boys were halfway through their last song, What Makes You Beautiful. Reese and I were singing along and jumping, sad the concert was almost over, but excited to go backstage.

“Yeah that’s what makes you beautiful…” Harry finished and winked at the audience, who, us included, started screaming like the crazy fan-girls we were.

After one last goodbye, everyone started filing out of the stadium, while we tried to find our way backstage. However, somewhere along the way, we ended up getting lost.

“Belle, we’re gonna be late and the meet and greet will be over and I’ll never get the chance to meet my future husband and-”

I cut her off, “Reese, it’s going to be okay. Look, there’s a door over there.”

Seeing the gray door, Reese pushed it open. Inside were boxes, shelves, souvenirs, popcorn buckets, and other random stuff we knew wasn’t going to lead us to the meet and greet. We went back through the door and kept on walking. It seemed like we were just going in circles though. Soon, we came to a restaurant, but the only person there was a man standing behind the cash register.

“You girls lost?” he asked.

“Actually, we are. We have backstage passes, but don’t know how to get there.”

“Oh, sorry. That’s the one thing I can’t help you with. We’re not allowed.”

“We have proof,” I held out the passes.

“Well, in that case, may I see if they’re legitimate?”

“Ummm,” I turned to Reese, not wanting to trust anyone with the precious passes. “I guess so.”

The man turned the passes over and over. I couldn’t tell how he was checking them, but I figured he must have a method.

“They seem real.”

“Well, yeah, Niall gave them to me personally.”

“He did?”

“Yup, she got to go on stage and dance with them,” Reese told him proudly.

“Well, in that case…I could get good money for these!!” the man ran off, while Reese and I stared after him in shock.


“WE GOT ROBBED!!!” I yelled, starting to run after the man.

Pushing past the few people left wandering the stadium, we tried to catch him and find a security guard. He weaved in and out of people, trying to lose us. We were pretty quick though, until Reese stumbled into one of the cotton candy stands.

“Ow! Oh god…” Reese looked like she was about to cry.

I stopped running, “What’s wrong?”

“M-My ankle. I think I twisted it. Stupid heels.”

“It’s okay. Here, let’s get you back to the limo.”

“What about our backstage passes?”

“I don’t think that’s going to happen tonight…” I looked down sadly.


Sitting down, not caring we were in the middle of the walkway, we both started crying, realizing how close we had come to meeting our idols. We heard the excited conversations of the people walking by, talking about how amazing the concert was.

Suddenly, we felt a strong, male hand on our shoulders and a voice whispering, “You’re coming with me.”

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