Truth or Dare

On a short break in their tour bus, Niall, Harry, Zayn, Liam, and Louis decide to play a game, one that could go wrong very easily - truth or dare. Soon, it's Niall's turn and he chooses dare. As a joke, the boys dare him to ask out a girl during their next concert. Nothing but innocent fun right? Think again.

[sort of a flashback fanfiction -- this takes place during their Take Me Home tour]
{short chapters}


5. Disguise Me

~~~Niall’s P.O.V~~~


A million thoughts swirled through my head as I thought of reasons why she hadn’t shown up yet. She seemed excited, so why wasn’t she here? Did she think I was one of the other lads? No, I introduced myself to her. Did she think I was ugly? Maybe, but getting backstage would mean she got to meet the other boys too. Did she get sick or injured? I hoped not. I had to stay calm and be my happy self for the other amazing fans that came in to take pictures and receive autographs, but for once my heart just wasn’t in it. I was worried and didn’t want to ask anyone else out. She seemed so sweet and was totally loyal to her friend. Not to mention she had the name of my favorite restaurant on her poster. When Paul finally gave us a ten minute break to get water and stuff, I pulled the boys to the side.

“Where is she?!” I whispered.

“Where’s who?” Liam asked.

“You know, you have to ask somebody out tonight,” Louis said.

“Louis’ right ya know. Somebody needs to pick a date,” Zayn smirked.

“Yeah, he knows guys,” Harry snapped.

Everybody, including me, turned to look at him.

“Um, sorry,” Louis and Zayn backed away.

“No, you guys, it’s fine. It’s just…” I started. “Well, there was one girl in the front row I purposely told Harry to call up and I gave her the pass and she hasn’t shown up yet.”

“Ohhhh, now I see,” Louis laughed.

“Look, I don’t know what happened to her, but there must be some logical solution. Maybe she got lost?” Liam suggested.

“Maybe…” I sighed.

“Well, if she’s lost, then it’s time for Superman Louis to find her!!” Louis jumped up and ran to our dressing room.

We chased after him, not stopping until he sat down in his styling chair.

“Mrs. Teasdale, disguise me!” he laughed.

“Boys, what are you doing now? You have to be back in five minutes.”

“There’s been some complications in Niall’s, uh, lack of love life.”

“Hey!” I playfully hit Louis.

“Just disguise me. Please? We’ll be good for the next ten minutes.”

“Oh my god, fine,” Lou gave in.

Being good for even ten minutes was actually an okay deal. We almost never sat still and when we did, we were plotting our next fruit fight or how to escape from the management at our next concert.

Not knowing what was going through Louis’ head or what he was going to do, we just decided to go along with it, like we always did with each other’s crazy plans. We grabbed a basic all black outfit for him, including a baggy shirt, cargo pants, boots, sunglasses, and a beanie. Soon, Lou was done fitting a messy, shoulder-length, black wig on Louis and he quickly got dressed in record time. The result? The classic kidnapper/bad guy look. He then tore through the dressing room and threw open the side door, racing off through the stadium.

Soon we heard Paul’s voice shouting, “Boys!! Stop fooling around and get in here now!!”

We obeyed, running down the hallway to the meet and greet door.

“Where’s Louis?!” he shouted.

“Um, well, we had some, um, complications…” Zayn mumbled.

“Yeah, um, he’ll be back soon…” Harry trailed off.

Paul turned to Liam, “Where is he?!”

“To be honest, we don’t actually know. All we know is that he’ll be back soon.”

“Very soon,” I added, hoping it was true; otherwise we’d be in major trouble.

“Okay, I’ll hold the girls off another seven minutes and if he’s not back by then a search party will be sent out. Literally,” he glared at us.

“Understood,” Liam said as we started walking back to the dressing room.

“Come back here!” Paul shouted, half jokingly. “I did not give you permission to leave me again, did I?”

“Well…not exactly.”

“Look, I’m sorry but I absolutely cannot have another one of you go missing.”

“He’s not missing,” Harry stated. “He’s still in the stadium. We know that much.”

“Oh god…is he in disguise at least?”

“Yup, he looks like Zayn on a bad day.”

“Excuse me?!” Zayn jokingly hit Harry. “I never have a bad day. I always look perfect.”

Soon, we heard footsteps and turned. There was Louis, out of breath and panting.

“I’m here!! Sorry there was business I had to take care of,” he apologized to Paul.

“We’ll, you’re here now. Let’s go meet more fans.”

Paul opened the door and we were greeted by another group of screaming fans, sticking out their phones and cameras.

“She’s in the dressing room,” Louis whispered in my ear and then turned away to sign a CD. All I could do was smile.


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