Make it without you

Have you ever been in love with the wrong person? I have. I was so stupid. I loved another person, when someone else was loving me with all of their heart. I loved the wrong person. I didn't even realize it until the person yelled at me and told me how much they loved me. I feel so........hurt. But the person who loved me is probably even more hurt because I never loved them back


7. Chapter 7

That night when Carter and I were up in the mountains, all we really did was talk and eat our frozen yogurt. All I really talked about was Eleanor but that part I know Carter wasn't listening to me but i'm fine with that. Eleanor is all that I talk about lately so I don't think she really cares.

Today me and Eleanor are going to introduce Carter to Eleanor's best friend Harry. Carter gladly took the opportunity. Eleanor, Carter, and I were sitting in Eleanor's living room waiting for Harry. "I'm going to go and make some tea. Does anyone want some?" Asked Eleanor. "Yes please" I said. "That sounds lovely, thank you" Said Carter. Eleanor smiled and left the room but before she did she sent me a wink. I blushed but quickly hid it so no one would see. Carter chuckled. "What" I asked. "You were blushing". I smiled "Shut up". Carter began to open her mouth to say something again but the door bell rang interrupting her. "Eleanor, I think that might be Harry. Do you want me to get it" I asked/yelled to Eleanor. "Yes. Thank you" Said Eleanor "Carter can you come and help me please" Asked Eleanor. Carter nodded her head and walked into the kitchen to help her. I walked over to the door and opened it to see Harry. "Harry!" I said smiling. Harry chuckled "Hey". Me and Harry were really close already. "Carter and Eleanor and just in the kitchen bringing all of us tea" I said. Harry nodded his head and sat down on the couch. Both Eleanor and Carter walked in, both of them holding two cups of tea."Harry!" Yelled Eleanor as she set her two cups of tea down and ran over to Harry giving him a hug. Carter and I look at each other smiling. They were a lot like us. Harry let go of Eleanor and looked over at Carter. "Hello. You must be Carter" Said Harry smirking and walking over to her. Harry opened his arms and so did Carter, giving each other a friendly hug. Eleanor walked over to me and grabbed me hand. When they were done hugging they both looked over at us and smiled.

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