Make it without you

Have you ever been in love with the wrong person? I have. I was so stupid. I loved another person, when someone else was loving me with all of their heart. I loved the wrong person. I didn't even realize it until the person yelled at me and told me how much they loved me. I feel so........hurt. But the person who loved me is probably even more hurt because I never loved them back


5. Chapter 5

Today Eleanor and I are going out on another date. I'm taking her to the aquarium. I was wearing a gray long-sleeved shirt with black pants and white shoes. When I was done getting ready I left my house and got into my car going to Eleanor's house. I'm going to be picking her up. She lived pretty close to me so I got there within five minutes. I parked on the side and got out. I walked over to her door and rang the door bell. Eleanor opened the door and smiled. She was beautiful. She was wearing a white button down with forest green skinny jeans and black flats. "You look amazing" I said as she gave me a hug. "Thank you" Said Eleanor. We pulled apart and I grabbed her hand. Eleanor looked down at our intertwined hands and blushed. I smiled to myself and lead her to the car. I opened her car door and she got in but first thanked me. I went around the car and got into the drivers seat starting the car. "I'm so excited. I've loved the aquarium since I was little" Eleanor said. "Well that makes the two of us" I said. "You like the aquarium?" Asked Eleanor. "I love it" I said. Eleanor smiled widely at me "I never realized how much we had in common until now". I nodded my head.

We got to the aquarium twenty minutes later and we got our passes and began walking around. Once we were officially in the aquarium, we walked over towards the fish tank that had sea turtles in it. "Oh my god, they're so cute" Said Eleanor in excitement. She's so adorable. I took her hand and we walked over to the many fishes that they had. I began imitating the fishes faces. Eleanor giggled. "Wait try to do this one" Said Eleanor. Eleanor was pointing at a huge fish that had teeth poking out of it's mouth. I chuckled and imitated it. Eleanor burst out laughing. "I have to get a photo of this" Said Eleanor. Eleanor took out her phone and took a couple photos "Ok". I walked over to her and she showed me the photo's and I also burst out laughing. I looked exactly like the fish. Eleanor and I began talking and making a bunch of funny jokes about sea animals. We made our way over to the underwater tunnel that looked into the shark exhibit. Eleanor jumped into me when a hammer head shark swam by her. I chuckled and grabbed her hand. "It's ok, they can't harm you. I won't let them" I said. Eleanor smiled up at me and I smiled back. I walked closer to the tank bringing Eleanor with me. I let go of her hand and began to 'fake punch' the fish tank whenever a shark past by. "C'mon, show me what you got" I said. Out of no where a shark swam by us and I jumped back right into Eleanor, causing her to fall back. Before she could fall I pulled her back. She landed on my chest and looked up. Our faces were only a few inches apart. Eleanor cleared her throat and moved away.

An hour has past and we were in the gift shop. Eleanor was looking at the jewelry when I walked up behind her. I cleared my throat and she turned around. Eleanor lit up like a Christmas tree. I was holding a medium sized stuffed animal. It was an otter. "Oh my god this is so cute Louis" Said Eleanor. I nodded my head. "I thought you would like it" I said. "Wait did you buy this?" Asked Eleanor. I nodded my head and smiled. Eleanor hugged me and thanked me. Eleanor let go of me and we began making our way to the car. I opened the car door for her again and she thanked me (for like the 5th time) then I went around to my side and got into the drivers side. I pulled out of the aquarium parking lot and began to drive back to Eleanor's house. "So what are you going to name him?" I asked referring to the stuffed otter. "I think I'm going to name him Alfie" Said Eleanor. "That's a perfect name" I said. Eleanor smiled and hugged 'Alfie'.

After another twenty minutes of driving we finally got to Eleanor's House. I pulled off to the side once again and got out. I walked around and opened her door. "I had a great time" Said Eleanor. "I did too" I said agreeing with Eleanor. I walked her to her front porch and we stopped in front of her door. "Thanks" Said Eleanor. She looked up at me and slightly smiled. I stepped closer two her and grabbed both of her hands. Our faces inches apart for the second time today. I began to lean in, and this time, Eleanor didn't lean away. Our lips touched and fireworks instantly went off. Her lips were so soft. Eleanor pulled away and blushed. She looked down at her feet trying to hide it. I put my finger under her chin and lifter her head up. "I think it's cute when you blush, Don't hide it" I said. Eleanor blushed once again. "Eleanor, will you be my girlfriend" I asked confidently. Eleanor nodded her head furiously. I smiled and leaned in once again.

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