Make it without you

Have you ever been in love with the wrong person? I have. I was so stupid. I loved another person, when someone else was loving me with all of their heart. I loved the wrong person. I didn't even realize it until the person yelled at me and told me how much they loved me. I feel so........hurt. But the person who loved me is probably even more hurt because I never loved them back


4. Chapter 4

"Hey beautiful" I said into the phone. Eleanor giggled "Hey". I smiled to myself. Yes, if you're wondering, Eleanor and I had our date already. It was amazing. We have a lot of stuff in common. She's perfect to me. I feel like she's my other half. She's me but a girl version of me. She even kinda looks like me. It's pretty weird though. You know how before I was thinking about her and wondering what she was like? Well she's really nice. She is one of the sweetest people that I have ever met. She told me a lot about her. She even told me about her best friend Harry. She told me everything that they like to do together and it reminded me of mine and Carter's relationship. I told Eleanor about Carter and she said that she really wanted to meet her and that she sounded really nice. "So what are you doing right now?" I asked. "Just thinking about you" Said Eleanor. I smiled to myself. "Same" I said. "So you know how you said you really wanted to meet my best friend Carter?" I asked. "Ya" Said Eleanor. "Well today me and her are going to hang out today so do you want to meet her then?" I asked. "Yes!" said Eleanor. "Alright. See you then love" I said and hung up.

I got up from my couch and went up into my bathroom to get ready. I turned on the shower, adjusting the temperature. I began to strip out of my clothes and get into the shower. After being in the shower for about 20 minutes I get out and dry myself off. I go into my room and get clothes out of my closet. "Louis i'm here" I hear someone yell from the bottom of the stairs. It was Carter. "Alright i'll be right down" I said. I quickly changed into white skinny jeans and a blue shirt with a dark blue beanie. When I was done getting dressed I made my way down stairs and ran over to Carter. "OH MY GOD I MISSED YOU SO MUCH" I said hugging her. "Louis you saw me four days ago" Said Carter hugging me back. "Exactly" I said. Carter chuckled. "Hope you don't mind that Eleanor comes over. She really wants to meet you" I said. Carter nodded her head. "What time" Carter asked. A knock on the front door interrupted us. "Now" I said. Carter smiled. I walked over to the door and opened it to see Eleanor. She had the biggest smile on her face. "Louis" said Eleanor as she leaped into my arms. "I missed you" I said letting go of her. "I missed you to" said Eleanor. "Hi" Said Eleanor walking over to Carter. "Hello" Said Carter. Eleanor stuck her hand out towards Carter but Carter pushed it away and hugged Eleanor instead. "I'm a hugger" Said Carter. I chuckled. "Oh ok! It's nice to finally meet you" Said Eleanor pulling away. "Well what do you guys want to do" I asked the girls. Eleanor walked over to me. "Will you take us shopping" Asked Eleanor with pleading eyes. I smiled and looked down at her. "Of coarse" I said. Carter wasn't a huge fan of shopping but she''ll do it if there was nothing else to do. "Yes" Said Eleanor putting one of her fists into the air. We all left my house and got into my car driving over to the mall.

When we got to the mall Eleanor immediately knew where she was going and walked ahead of me and Carter. "She's a keeper" Said Carter patting my arm. I chuckled and wrapped my arm over her shoulder. We walked into victoria secret and Eleanor began searching through the clothes. Carter stood by my side still and watched Eleanor. "Aren't you going to look also" I asked Carter. Carter nodded her head "I don't really like shopping at Victoria Secret". I rolled my eyes. "C'mon this would look cute on you" I said holding up a shirt to her. Carter smiled. "It is pretty cute but everything here is expensive" Said Carter. "I'll pay" I said. "No Louis it's fine. That's way to much and i'm not going to make you pay" Said Carter. "Well, to bad because i'm buying this shirt no matter what you say" I said. Carter rolled her eyes and nodded her head. "Please don't Louis" Begged Carter. "Nope" I said. "Eleanor, have you picked out what you're buying" I asked walking over to Eleanor. Eleanor nodded her head and smiled. Us three made our way over to the cash register and when it was our turn I grabbed all of Eleanor's clothes and paid for both her's and Carters. "Aw thank you Lou" Said Eleanor giving me a quick kiss on the check. I smiled at her and grabbed the bags. We walked out of Victoria Secret and began looking for other stored to go to.

Four hours past and we were sitting in the food court eating with a ton of shopping bags surrounding us (Most of them being Eleanor's). "I'm so tired" Said Eleanor. Carter and I shrugged. Carter and I are always messing around and doing a lot of walking so we're used to it. "Oh c'mon Love it's not that bad" I said and hugged her. five minutes past and we were all done eating. "Do you guys want to leave now" Asked Carter. Eleanor and I nodded our head. We all began walking towards the car with large amount of bags in our hands. I did pay for all of Eleanor's clothes but it's ok. I want to spoil her as much as I could. I think i'm going to ask her to be my girlfriend.

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