Make it without you

Have you ever been in love with the wrong person? I have. I was so stupid. I loved another person, when someone else was loving me with all of their heart. I loved the wrong person. I didn't even realize it until the person yelled at me and told me how much they loved me. I feel so........hurt. But the person who loved me is probably even more hurt because I never loved them back


2. Chapter 2

Me and Carter were currently watching the notebook. Most of the time I was texting Eleanor. Me and her are going to go to starbucks and get a coffee. Im so excited. I heard a sob come from Carter. I set my phone down and scoot towards Carter. "Hey whats wrong" I asked. "The end of this movie always gets to me" Carter said. I nodded my head and chuckled. I pulled her into my lap and she cried into my chest. Even though she was just crying about a movie, It still hurt to see her cry. She's my best friend for christ sake. Of coarse it hurts. right? A vibration from my phone distracted me from my thoughts. I softly slid Carter off of me and grabbed my phone checking the text. It was Eleanor once again. She was telling me how excited she was to get coffee. I smiled to myself and texted her back. "Are you going to have any snacks?" Asked Carter. I nodded my head and smiled thinking about Eleanor. "Louis, you're the one who bought all of the food" Carter argued. "Ya ya" I said not paying attention and texting Eleanor back. Carter sighed and got up, putting in another movie. 'Greece" Popped up on the TV screen. "Louis. I put your favorite movie on" Said Carter. I shrugged. "Louis" Said Carter "I think we should just do this another night". I nodded my head and got up from the couch. Carter also got up and gave me a hug but I didn't hug back. Carter looks up at me and I give her a sly smile. She sighs and lets go of me. "Bye" I said walking over to the door. "Bye" Carter mumbled. I slowly opened the door and closed it behind me. Walking over to my car I get in and start the engine. Right as I was about to pull out of the driveway I look towards Carters window. She was sitting on her living room couch with her head in her hands. She's probably still crying about the end of the notebook. That movie is pretty sad. I nodded to myself and put the car in reverse, pulling out of her driveway and driving to my house.

Once I got home I slipped my shoes off and went into my living room. I laid down onto the couch and thought about Eleanor. Her beautiful brown hair that barely curled. Her eyes. Her lips. The way she talks/walks. Everything. I sound really stupid right now. I just met the girl and I barely know anything about her. The fact that just thinking about her makes me crazy but at the same time it's crazy. Just think about it. I'm crushing on a girl that I know nothing about. She could end up being a really rude person or a really rude person. Within the 2 minutes that we talked she seemed really nice but i'm not going to assume that just yet. I began to think about other stuff. Then I thought about Carter. I kinda feel bad for not going inside when I saw her crying, But she was just crying about the movie right? I have no clue. I don't think she was crying about anything that I had done because I hadn't really done anything but text Eleanor all night and completely ignore her...............oh. Wait. WHAT THE HELL I AM SUCH A DICK. I TOTALLY IGNORED HER WHEN WE WERE SUPPOSED TO BE HAVING A MOVIE NIGHT BUT THE WHOLE TIME I WAS TEXTING ELEANOR!! I AM LITERALLY THE WORSTE PERSON IN THE WORLD! I FEEL LIKE SHIT. I have to call her. I pick up the phone, then notice the time. It was 1am. Wow time flies by fast. I really hope she's not asleep. I don't know if I should call her because if she is asleep and I wake her up then i'd make her night even shittier. I feel horrible. I got up from the couch and walked outside to my car. I'm just going to go check on her. I get into my car and pull out of my drive way making my way back over to Carter's house. While I was driving I drove past and ice cream shop. I quickly turned around and drove over to the ice cream shop. Ice cream always cheers Carter up. Even if it's ice cream at 1 o clock in the morning. I drove up to the drive through and ordered two chocolate ice creams. When I got the ice creams I started driving over to Carters again.

5 minutes later i'm pulling into Carter's driveway again. I notice that all of the lights were off in her house. Oops. She's asleep. I walk up to the door and set one of the ice cream cones on the ground so that I could get the house key out of the flower pot. Yes, I know where she hides her key. I unlocked the door and hid the key again. I picked up the one ice cream cone that was on the ground and walked in. When I walked in I saw Carter asleep on her couch with the TV still on. I smile to myself and hid behind the couch. I began making weird and quiet noises to scare her. Carter shot up from her spot and grabbed onto a pillow clutching it. I was trying so hard not to laugh. Carter was looking around trying to find where the noises came from. When she wasn't looking a went behind her. She turned her head back and right as she was facing me I said "Ice cream" With a smirk. "Holly shit" Carter said jumping off the couch. I burst out laughing and crying. "That was priceless" I said still laughing. "Ya whatever" Said Carter. She began to walk away and I followed her. She walked into her kitchen and I also did. She put both of her hands on either side of the sink facing it. I frowned and set the ice cream cones down. I stood behind her with my arms opened up. Clearing my throat she turned around and looked at me. I gave her a small smile. Carter walked over to me and into my arms. I wrapped my arms around her waist and lifted her into the air. "Im so sorry" I said putting her down but still not letting go of her "I love yoouuuuu" I said. Carter smiled up at me and rolled her eyes "Love you too"

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