Felix. A pewdiepie imagine


3. to the park!

I can't help but feel sorry for Felix. It was obvious that he loved Marzia, it seemed like she loved him to. But you never know what happens behind closed doors. When he broke down like thaT in the coffee shop I felt my heart break, the man I've been watching for years just poured his heart out to.me and cried.haven't really introduced myself properly, I'm Skye.

I'm a socially awkward cliché 'fangirl'. Well.. Sorta. See I kinda love youtubers and other cliché fan girl things. Such as tumblr and pizza and doctor who, the usual. But with Felix, it's different. I've watched his videos and have been inspired by him for so long yet.. I hardly flinched when I met him. Of course I had a mini heart attack but that's about it, maybe because of Marzia. Maybe because I want to put his problems before my own, maybe I want to help him.

Speak of the devil, I get a text from Felix.

Poods: hi! Wanna go somewhere later? :)x

Ooo an x? Get in there Skye. Wait, what am I doing?

Me: hey, sure! Where shall we adventure to?x

Poods: I thought we could embark on an epic adventure to the park?x

Me: sounds good!x

Poods: okay, our journey begins now!x (Aka when I pick you up)

Me:adventure awaits !x


Short chapter I know, sozsozsoz. But I will be updating more often! That's a promise, if anybody's even reading this.. I will be posting this on watt pad too so look out for that. Make sure you headbutt the like button with your sexy face, until next time sexy headbutt person, BAI.

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