Felix. A pewdiepie imagine


2. Marzia

(A/N I hated making Marzia the baddie :( I love her lots) we reach the nearest coffee shop and head to the queue to order our drinks "I'm really sorry about Marzia" I say to felix, he's still looking at the ground "it's okay, I don't understand. I gave her everything, well at least I tried." He starts to choke up "I thought we would marry, start and family, you know. The past few months she started acting distant, anytime I went to hug or kiss her she would push me away and return to her phone, she would go out a lot and get weird messages an- wait.." As I grabbed our coffees and walked over to the table I turned to look at felix and I must admit it shocked me a little, his face was as white as snow, he walked over to the table in a zombie like fashion and just sat down "felix?" I quietly say "she cheated on me...didn't she" he wasn't making eye contact with me, he started to shake "felix" I said louder this time, he wasn't listening " she was she was cheating on me! After everything I did for her! I loved her!" His voice was gaining volume as he went on, which scared me a little "I gave her everything! That's why she left! Not because of my videos because of someone else! How dare-" "FELIX" he looked up at me, it's not his fault he was shouting I don't think he realised he was until I cut him off. We got weird looks from the people in the coffee shop but who cares what they think. Just as I was about to talk to him he burst into tears, I decided to move beside him to comfort him "was I not enough for her?" He sobs, his face in his hands. I didn't really know what to say, I'm not very good at this "I'm sorry felix, sometimes things just aren't right" i say "sorry for making you sit through all this.. I didn't even ask your name!" "It's Skye" I say glad the topic has changed "and honestly it's fine, if you ever need to talk I'm here" I smile at him and he smiles back "that's a pretty name, Skye" he looks up at me "thanks" I blush slightly. We talk about YouTube and the bros and a lot of other stuff "I knew you were familiar! I watch your videos!" He says smiling wide, oh god. Pewdiepie watches my videos? "We should play together sometime, how good are you at GMOD?" He asks, I have a mini freak out. Pewds wants to play Gary's Mod with me? Woah. My channel isn't that big, about 100k. It's SkyeGaming, I'd say my videos aren't half bad. "Better than you" I smirk taking a drink of my coffee "no way! Here" he starts writing out his number on a piece of paper "we should hang out sometime. After we talk some more about gaming and Cry, Ken and Minx we both head home "bye Skye!" He yells and waves "bye Felix!" I just met my idol.

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