Felix. A pewdiepie imagine


1. how's it goin bro?

I was walking around in the snow when I got a notification, "@Pewdiepie: hey bros! Here's a new fabulizer" I settle down on a bench and open YouTube to start watching the video. Even though I'm out in public I can't contain my laughter and end up in fits on the bench earning me some strange looks from random people walking by. I then hear the bench creek and feel a presence beside me "whatcha watchin there?" I hear a familiar voice. Could it be? No, no way. I turn to face the man beside me. It was. "Pewds?" I manage to stutter out "how's it going bro? Call me Felix" he says smiling at me, I smile the biggest goofiest smile without even noticing. "I love your videos!" I say enthusiastically as he wraps his scarf around his neck "that means a lot to me, c'mon walk with me" he stands up and offers out a caring hand to me, I grab it appreciatively and start to walk with him. "So how's Marzia and the pugs?" I ask "well uhm" Felix stutters "Marzia and I kind of... Broke up" he finally says. "Wait, what? Why?" I stop in my tracks to face him "she thought I spent too much time on my videos and not enough with her" he starts to choke up, he obviously loved her a great deal. "Aw felix I'm sorry" I said giving him a hug "it's fine, we broke up a few months ago" he said pulling back from the hug "you wanna get a coffee or something?" I try changing the subject "yeah i'd like that" he says looking up from his feet.

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