Laraisnotonfire! A danisnotonfire imagine

A young girl set on making her way as a youtuber moves to London. What happens to her life is a dream come true but at times it can seem like her worst nightmare. Please like and fave :3


2. tweeting

"@Danisnotonfire: @Laraislame oh god don't remind me." TWICE TWICE ! I am going to shit all over the floor oh my god, I hear a familiar beep "@Danisnotonfire is now following you!" Wait wat. Dan? Following me? I've been dreaming of this moment ever since I subscribed to that little dork. I get a dm, from Dan. I cannot believe this. I read it out to myself "hey Lara, I've been meaning to message you. Love your videos :)" IM SHITTING DAN HOWELL WATCHES MY VIDEOS. I message him back instantly "thank you, that means a lot to me :)" I wanted to say have my children but I think that might have creeped him out just a tiny bit. We keep talking for a while and soon exchange numbers. Oh frick frack. I forgot, I'm suppose to be moving to London in three days and i have packed literally nothing. In the words of Troye Sivan, PROCRASTINATION STATION! "Oh I forgot to mention, I'm moving to London this week, we should meet up!" I send that to Dan. By this time it's around 9am so I might aswell get ready. I wear a pastel pink top with a frilly collar and some light denim skinny jeans and a pair of white all star converse to top it off. When I finish my make up I get a notification on my phone from dan "that would be great! Here's mine and Phil's address *******" I know dan and Phil's address. I KNOW DAN AND PHILS ADDRESS. What you think I'm gonna give you it? I would but I don't want the blame of a 12 year old girl turning up at their apartment asking them to sign the smut they wrote. I start to pack my stuff but eventually (after 10 minutes) get bored, u take out my phone and call my friend Ellie "eyyyy" we both say down the phone to each other "have you packed yet?" She asks "yes" I reply, oops. "Are you lying?" "Yes" oops. "U srs, your moving in three days! And by the way I saW DAN HOWELL TWEETING YOU OH MY GOD" I have to take the phone away from my ear or I would've gone deaf "I KNOW I KNOW OH MY GOD I WAS SCREAMING" the fangirling carries on for about 10 minutes then I realise that I'm moving in three days and haven't packed anything "oops I need to pack" I say calming down "Lara? You boke how I'm your best friend and I'm letting you move in with me ??" Oh no "yessss?" "You have to introduce me to phil or I will rip off your boobs ok bye love you bby" then she hangs up, am I really moving in with this person? Oh god.

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