Laraisnotonfire! A danisnotonfire imagine

A young girl set on making her way as a youtuber moves to London. What happens to her life is a dream come true but at times it can seem like her worst nightmare. Please like and fave :3


1. starting off.

I set up my camera ready to make a video. Like every Monday, I start with my famous intro "hey buddy's it's Lara again hoping to brighten up your Monday!" I carry on with the video telling my viewers about the time when a little boy pulled off the top of my bikini whilst on holiday. Oh god that was embarrassing . I end the video and head over to my office to edit it. It's not really an office I just call It that to sound professional which I really am not. If you haven't caught on already my names Lara and im a youtuber. I have about 800k subscribers, crazy right? I'm otherwise known as Laraislame on YouTube. I tweet out to my followers about my new video reading: "@Laraislame: hey guys! Editing a new video for ya'll. warning-so cringe worthy you may cry" that should do. I edit my video and then upload it "@Laraislame: UPLOADING AHH ADJFKSL" they better be excited it took me all motherfuckin day. I read through replies then head onto YouTube to see that my video is now uploaded "@LaraisLame: New video! Little Boys Are Perverts !!💃" that's enough for today now to stalk other youtubers bc this is what I do with my life. "When the hell did it turn 4 am?!" I whisper to myself. To go to sleep or not to go to sleep that is the question, naaah five more minutes. Five more minutes soon turns into three hours and it's 7am. Well, no point in going to sleep now is there? Why do I do this to myself oh my god ugh "@Laraislame: I haven't been to sleep yet oops" I tweet out hoping to find someone to talk to at the early hours of the morning, I start to give up just as my notifications go crazy, I go on to twitter to see "@Danisnotonfire: @Laraislame me neither. Loved your new video by the way, little children are evil" OH MY GOD DAN HOWELL JUST TWEETED ME OH MY GOD OH MY GOD SOMEONE SEND HELP I CANT. "OKAY STAY CALM" I say to myself even though I'm crying uncontrollably on the floor. I try to stay cool and tweet him back "@LaraisLame: @Danisnotonfire thanks! Maybe it was the same little boy you sold an axe to"

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