Laraisnotonfire! A danisnotonfire imagine

A young girl set on making her way as a youtuber moves to London. What happens to her life is a dream come true but at times it can seem like her worst nightmare. Please like and fave :3


3. moving day !!

I'm so excited !! As I'm moving to London I can't go by plane, my dad has to drive me. It's a long ass drive but seeing as I didn't sleep at all last night Im asleep most of the drive, my dad lectures me about how to stay safe and save my money and all that bs. I text Ellie "do you have food" normally someone would say "hi!" Or "hello" but this is how I communicate with other human beings. She replies "obv" yayay food. "Daaaaaaaad are we there yet" I whine at him "Laaarrrraaaaaa yes we're practically there" I'd be excited but I'm just too sleep deprived to be enthusiastic. I get a notification "@burritophan: @laraislame @danisnotonfire OMG LOOK AT THIS" i click on the link and it leads me to a 'Dara' fanfic. WAT. I read it and I must admit it was good but Dara? Idk man. I reply "@burritophan @danisnotonfire WHAT IS THIS BURN IT IN FIRE" and we arrive at Ellie's, she's waiting outside in a penguin onesie. "LARA!!" She squeals "HELLO!" I yell back "come help me with these!" My dad says, ughhhh effort.

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