Laraisnotonfire! A danisnotonfire imagine

A young girl set on making her way as a youtuber moves to London. What happens to her life is a dream come true but at times it can seem like her worst nightmare. Please like and fave :3


5. gentleman

*lets just start this chapter by saying my phones on 69%*

We may continue.


It's a sunny day... let's stay inside.

Jk, I have my date with dan today ( /*•*/)

I look at the time and it's around 9:30am, why am I up so early? Damn you summer. I walk into the living room to see Ellie watching Adventure Time "the monster awakens!" She fake screams, "it's too early bye" I say walking into the bathroom, I shower until I look like a raison Bc yolo amiright. Idek. I may as well get ready before I harm myself or anyone else, I'm not a morning person okay?.I wear a grey top with the captain America logo on it and match it with a long sleeved red and navy plaid shirt then throw on some light denim skinny jeans. I put on foundation and winged eyeliner and put my hair into a messy bun bc I cba to do anything else. I go out to sit with Ellie on the sofa "you look super swag" is that a compliment or

"you better have said that ironically or I am no longer your friend"

"Of coarse" she smirks

I sit down with her until I get a message from dan saying he's outside. fuC K. "I have to go now bieeeeeee" I run out of the apartment not even waiting for a reply. I walk outside to see the Dan Howell. I try not to cry and pass out "hi!" I hold out my hand to him and he shakes it *never washing this hand again* "Hola!" He cringes after saying that, smooth. I'm about a head smaller than him, let me just say that he is so freaking hot okay ngl. We head to the nearest Starbucks and order, he pays "what a gentleman" I smile at him, we talk for ages, mostly laughing.

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