Laraisnotonfire! A danisnotonfire imagine

A young girl set on making her way as a youtuber moves to London. What happens to her life is a dream come true but at times it can seem like her worst nightmare. Please like and fave :3


4. Ellie

(A/N hi! Idk why but it won't let me put speech marks in so bare with me until I figure it out ^-^) "OH MY GOD" she yells over and over, jumping up and down. "Yeah yeah what's the wifi password" she's crazy, but she's been my best friend ever since I can remember. She has waist length blonde hair with lilac dip dye. (although she dyes her hair almost every week) If you don't watch my videos, first of all wHY? And second, I have boob length (yes boob) reddish/brownish hair. I'm really excited to start living here, things have been tough lately but Ellie helps me through a lot. I know it'll get better, she promised.

------------------le Time skip of destiny-------------

All of my things are packed and I must say I'm enjoying living here already. *beep* oop, I message from dan "hi! Are you moved in yet?" I still can't believe I got Dan howells number. "Hello ! Yeah, we should get coffee. When re you free?" Am I flirting?I've never done this. "Glad to hear it, how about tomorrow noon?" Brb going on a date with dan howell "sounds good!" "It's a date then :)" omg he's flirting with me "a date?" I'm going to ruin this plea s "it's only a date if you say it is" date date date date it's a date "it's a date" "see you then" ":))" In going on a date with Dan be jealous


Im hungry. I'm always hungry. "LARA" i yell "ELLIE" she yells back, she moves in and the first thing she does is sit in her room. "I WANT FOOD COME MAKE IT" my neighbour bangs on the wall, oopsie. I walk into her room and she's on the floor "what even are you" I say "Dan howells date" WHAT OMF LARA "WAT?!" She winks at me "dan Howell asked me out for coffee tomorrow be jealous" I was. A few minutes later we were sitting on the sofa watching doctor who, well I was. Lara was stuck to her phone texting dan "dan said do you want to go out with us next week?" Why would I wanna go "why?" I say looking back to the tv "he's bringing Phil"

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