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1. Chapter 1

"Carter?" I asked, staring at the back of someone's head, tapping there shoulder. When the person turned around it ended up being an older women. She looked at me weirdly and nodded her head. "My apology's" I said and walked away. I'm at a museum with my best friend Carter. Yes I know. Who would go to a museum? Well we were bored and had nothing else to do so we just decided to meet up here. I'm currently trying to find Carter, but obviously failing since every time I think I see her, it ends up being someone else. It's been an hour since I've been looking and I am tired out of my mind. "Louis?" Somebody asked from behind me. I turned around and saw that it was Carter. My face lit up. I ran up to her and gave her a huge hug. "I still don't understand why you do that. I see you everyday and you always have to give me the biggest hugs" said Carter once I put her down. "Well I do that because your my best friend. Just letting you know that I will not stop doing that" I said. Carter smiled and lightly hit my arm. I hip bumped her and she did it back but harder causing me to trip. "Oh its on" I said. Carter began running and I chased after her. When I caught up to her, I grabbed her and gave her another hug but this time bigger. "Louis I cant breath" Said Carter hitting my back. I chuckled. "Excuse me, will you guys please leave the building. You guys are disturbing the guests and exhibits" Said an older women that worked at the museum. "Do we not get a warning" I asked. "Don't give me that attitude. I will gladly have security escort you out if you do not leave" Said the women. I rolled my eyes. When she turned around I began making faces at her. "SECURITY" Yelled the older women as she turned around ,seeing that we were still here. Both mine and Carters eyes went wide and we began to run out the front doors.

When we got outside the building, we both bent over trying to catch our breaths. "That was awesome" I said. "No it wasn't. You could have gotten us arrested" said Carter. I nodded my head and smiled. "Well what are we going to do now" Carter asked. "We can go to the store and buy a bunch of snacks then go back to my place and have a lazy day" I said. "Ok. Do you want to just take my car and we can leave yours here and get it later" Said Carter. I nodded my head and we both got into her car and began to drive to the store. I turned on the radio and began flipping through stations. "Wait go back" Said Carter as I passed a station. I went back and she began to sing along. "I love this song. Its called Make it without you by Andre Belle" Said Carter. Carter began to sing along with it again. I couldn't help but listen to her voice. It was amazing. "You should really try out for something. like x-factor. You're an absolutely amazing singer" I said. She nodded her head and gave me a weird look. I chuckled and nodded my head looking out the window.

We got to the store within ten minutes and got out of the car, going into the store. I grabbed a cart and Carter jumped inside it, sitting down. Child at heart right? "What do you want to get first?" Asked Carter. "Drinks?" I questioned and she nodded her head. We made our way back to isle with the drinks in it and began picking drinks out. "We have to get this" Carter said pointing to a can of Arizona's. Carter is obsessed with Arizona's. I chuckled and nodded my head. "Yessss" She said doing a double fists to the air. I grabbed two of the Arizona drinks and also got Pepsi, sprite, and lemonade."Where to now?" asked Carter as I set the drinks into her lap. "Snacks" I said and Carter lit up like a Christmas tree. "GO GO GO GO" Chanted Carter and I chuckled grabbing a hold of the cart, pushing it. "Go faster" Said Carter. You know that saying "Always listen to the girl"? Well its true. This might just be Carter but whenever I don't do anything that she asks, she freaks, but whenever she is mad I think its the cutest thing in the world because shes so small and she cant keep a strait face. Yes, Carter is small. Shes the height of an 8 grader. Shes adorable. We got to the snacks and Carter immediately started to point at things that she wants. When we were done picking out things we had Potatoe chips, Oreo's, Fruit snacks, CANDY, etc. Carter turned around and faced me. "All done" Carter said grinning. "Alright lets go" I said. We began to make our way over to the check out isle until our Cart hit someone else's. "I'm so sorry" Said a female voice. I looked up and saw the most beautiful girl ever. "No it was my fault" I said. "Louis" I said reaching my hand out. "Eleanor" Said the girl shaking my hand. Eleanor. Thats a beautiful name. "Would it be a problem to ask for your number. I want to make it up to you for crashing into you with our cart" I said and chuckled. Eleanor blushed and nodded. I smiled and pulled my phone out. "***-***-****" Said Eleanor giving me her number. "Thanks" I said. Eleanor nodded and left. I smiled to myself thinking about Eleanor. Someone cleared their throat, distracting me from my thoughts. I look up and see Carter. Oh my god. I totally forgot she was here. "Can we go now" Said Carter. "Yea" I said and we walked toward the check out isle again.

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