Lose youself.

When 17 year old Talia is wrongly sentenced to 20 years in prison at a establishment for men, she thinks her life is over. How would she ever be able to survive there? Will she find someone to help her endure her jail time? Will she be released?
"It's not so bad here. You get used to it." he whispered to me. The man stood hidden in the shadows of the cell we shared, i couldn't see him. My lips trembled and I was so scared.
"I do not belong here." I whispered back with a shaky voice.
"I know, but this is where you are now. Sooner you accept it the quicker you will adjust to being inside these walls." He finally went out into the light so I could see him...


2. Chapter 2

I didn't sleep that night, i just cried in silence. In the morning when the rest of the prision woke up i didn't have any tears left. My body felt numb and so did my mind. I sat up in my bed and took a deep breath. I am going to die in this prision. Over something I didn't do. Just because I was with my boyfriend at the wrong time and... Miranda had to get mad again. I tried to stop her but she was to strong.. there was so much blood...

"Are you okey?" Harrys dark voice took me by surprise and I met his eyes.

"yeah," I lied. Harry sat up from his bed. His curly hair was a mess and his eyes were sleepy. He opend his mouth to say something but before he got the chanse a guard called out it was breakfest time. Harry smiled sad at me, knowing what would happen to me as soon as i walked out of these celldoors. 

"Stick to me and everything will be fine." he wispered as the doores opend. I slowly stood up and waited for Harry to come, I didn't know anybody here and I didn't know Harry but he was all the protection I had right now and I didn't want to throw that away and he hadn't tried anything with me.. yet.

He smirked and stood up, then walked out of our cell. I walked right behind him, at first I keept my distance but when the other prisioners started to grab my clothes I wlaked closer. They keept telling me how pretty I was, that they wanted me in bed.. 

Harry got his tray with food and I got mine, I wasn't sure where to go after that so I looked up at Harry. He nodded his head to a table at the back of the cafeteria where 5 other prisoners already sat. I hesiteted.

"come on, they are cool. You can sit with us." he said. I still wasn't sure. Harry came closer to whisper in my ear.

"Or you can sit over there with Hacks." I looked the way he nodded and saw an middle aged man, he only had one ear and did not look nice at all. He stared at me so I looked away. 

Harry started walking to his friends so I followed him. 

"Boys, I am sure you have heared of my new roommate. This is Talia." He said and put his tray down. The boys around the table was around Harrys age. I hadn't realised I was just standing there untill Harry took my tray out of my hands and put it on the table beside him. I sat down on the chair. 

"Yeah, the whole prision heard about her. I'm Niall." A blonde boy said, you could hear on his accent he was from Ireland. He had blue eyes and you could tell he dyed his har blonde. The  boy next to him had choklate brown eyes, high cheekbones ans black hair.

"This is Zayn, Liam, Louis and Ed." Niall said. I looked at Liam, his hair was brown, his eyes too. Then my eyes went on to Louis, he looked down his tray the whole time so all i could really see was his brown hair, but he looked soo familliar. The moment he looked up I thought I would scream, he recognized me to.

"What the fuck." Was all he said at first. I just stared at him, it was a long time ago I saw him. I put my hand over my mouth to stop a scream of joy.

"I didn't know you were in prison?" I said, Louis looked angry but I was to happy for seeing him.

"Yeah, and you are not supposed to be here. What the fuck have you done?!" He screamed now but no one seemed to care, except Ben, the guard. Both Louis and I stood up facing one another, when Ben came over to us.

"Talia, is there a problem?" I shook my head but Louis answered.

"Yes in fact there is, you see this girl right here," he said pointing at me. " she is NOT supposed to be here." Ben almost smiled.

"Mr. Tomlinson as far as I know you are not the one deciding that and you do not have the right to decide anything when it comes to this girl, only her family and the judge is authorised for that. " ben explained and now I was the one almost smiling. Louis was red in his face by anger,

"Thats perfect, then I want her in another facility. Oh, did I forget to say I am her brother?" Ben was now the one to look red in the face.

"Mr, tomlinson, even if we did move her she would still have to go to a prison for men.  She deserve it. She slit the throat on her boyfriend, the judges son right after they had sex and to make it easier to dispose the body she cut of the head, his arms and legs. They never found the head, she will be here untill she tell the judge were it is. he was very clear on that point. " I felt like I was going to faint, this was too much, the memories were so strong. Miranda told me that if I got out of here and told everyone she did it, she would kill me and she would kill everyone I cared about and I know she would even if she had to hire someone for it.

"You wont find it." I said and bit my toung hard, they couldn't find it. they had to belive I did it, i had decided that now, they had to belive I did it. Ben walked away and  I sat down at the table, everyone stared at me but I tried to ignore them as I took a bit of my food. 

"Soo, you are siblings?" Ed said, he was a redhead and had facial hair. Louis sat down now too.

"Yes. And Talia, you are so fucking stupid. You do know that, don't you?" I met his kind eyes and realised he knew I didn't do it.

"Yeah." I said. "but you are here to so you are just as stupid as me." I said and Lou signed. 

"Yeah but your reason is so much worse than mine, all I did was drive a car full of robbers and money away from the crimscen" he said, his eyes twinkled.

"sound like you, did you get money?" I asked and he nodded.

"Yeah, the cops never found them." he said winking.

"Mir..." I stoped and took a deep breath, i don't like sayng her name aloud. "Miranda told me you moved to Usa." I took another bite of the disgusting food. I looked up at Louis again.

"Yeah, she's full of shit. I can't belive dad married her, shes a bitch." he said. I nodded.

"She is alot more than that." I said to myself. Harrys eyes met mine again and I understod that he once again heard what I said. 

"hows the food?" he asked as soon it went quiet so it wouldn't be an awkward silence.

"Honesly? not so good." i said and the boys laughed. 

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