The girl with the cancer


2. a normal day

It was 3:20 so Jasmin would be here any minute. I was really bored so I look on twitter and I saw that Niall had twitted "San Diego here we come!"

THEY WERE COMING HERE!!! But my parents can barley pay for my treatments there's no way I would be able to go to see them. I heard the door bell go off so I went to go open it, it was Jasmin.

"Hey" I said

"Hey" she replied while taking off her shoes

"One Direction is coming here.."

"I know. They're coming tomorrow"

"There's no way we would ever be able to go tho"


We went into the living room and started watching Teen Wolf. My mom and dad came home, in the middle of the season final.

"You girls just sit and watch tv all day" my mom said

"So" I said

"Come on you girls are coming to the store with me."

Jasmin and I looked at each other and then went to get our shoes on. Then we went to go get in the car. We were driving and so I turned the radio on, it was What makes you beautiful. Jasmin and I rolled down our windows and yelled the lyrics out. It got to Harry's solo and everyone went silent but me and I just sang. We then go to the store and Jasmin and I stayed in the car while my mom went in. She came back with two carts full of groceries. Put them in the car and then we left. It took about 30 minutes to get back home but once we got there Jasmin and I got the groceries out of the car and put them in the kitchen. We went into my room to watch the rest of Teen wolf. Once we got in there Jasmin jumped on my bed and then we heard something fall off.

"What was that?" She asked

"Idk" I answered. I looked on the floor and there was an little box. "It's a box?" I questioned

"Open it!"

"Okay okay" I opened the box and there it say two tickets to One Direction tomorrow night 8-12! I showed Jasmin and we both yelled our lungs out!

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