Go Away, You Can't Help Me (Short Story)

Sorry my last blurb was STUPID! Okay so... A girl named Anna breaks up with Niall Horan. Harry is a jerk, and Zayn is... I can't explain... But yeah, this is a movella for the One Direction Fanfiction Comp! *Followed By A Song With Anna's Point Of View*


8. Here We Go...

Later, I was back in Louis's room. When he asked me one question.

"So, do you want to be my girlfriend?" 

"Yes." I told him and we kissed.

Me and Louis fell asleep once again. When daylight was back, we both woke up. We were ready to tell everyone about the change in our friendship. We both walked into the kitchen where everyone else was. They shot us dirty looks, but we didn't care.

"Hey!" I said nicely.

"Whatever." Harry said.

"We have a big announcement." Louis said.

"Yeah?" Zayn asked.

'Me and Louis are dating." I said.

"Oh!" Harry gasped.

"WHAT!" Zayn shouted.

"Ugh." Niall said.

"Well Zayn..." I said.

"Yeah love." He replied.

'Here we go again..." I said.

A/N I am so sorry that this chapter is short. One Direction fanfictions need to be done on the 17th. (Only for the competition.).

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