Go Away, You Can't Help Me (Short Story)

Sorry my last blurb was STUPID! Okay so... A girl named Anna breaks up with Niall Horan. Harry is a jerk, and Zayn is... I can't explain... But yeah, this is a movella for the One Direction Fanfiction Comp! *Followed By A Song With Anna's Point Of View*


7. He is Asking ME?

Anna's P.O.V

After I heard Louis and Harry shout, I walked back into the kitchen. Louis was still there. He stared at me and I had no idea why.

"Anna..." He kept starring.

"Yeah?" I asked.

"I know this sounds weird... But..." He sounded edgy.

"What?" I asked.

"I think I like you..." He said.

"You do?" I asked.

"Yeah Anna, I like you." He said. "Do you like me?"

"Well... I don't know." I said. "This came so sudden."

"It's okay." He said. "I'll give you time to think."

"Louis, you know me so well." I said.

"If you want to go on a date, we can go someplace." He said.

"Ya know Louis? I will go on a date with you." I said.

"Cool, we can go roller skating, I know how much you like that." He said.

"Thanks Louis." I said.

Now that me and Louis are boyfriend and girlfriend  material, things will be confusing. I mean, me and Louis have always been friends. I hope this doesn't ruin that.

"Why don't we go in an hour?" I asked.

"Perfect." He said.

In an hour we were on our first date. Skating... I love roller skating, but I am horrible at it. But I didn't care, Louis was always helping me.

He caught me when I almost fell and placed a kiss on my lips. And I forgot all about Niall.

Later, we were playing games in the arcade. We played Ice Ball together and had a blast.

Then, we went to the food court and got corn dogs.

Night fell upon us. And that was when we left. My perfect date was ending.

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