Go Away, You Can't Help Me (Short Story)

Sorry my last blurb was STUPID! Okay so... A girl named Anna breaks up with Niall Horan. Harry is a jerk, and Zayn is... I can't explain... But yeah, this is a movella for the One Direction Fanfiction Comp! *Followed By A Song With Anna's Point Of View*


3. Harry You Jerk!

Louis's P.O.V

About five minutes later, Harry walked into the room. I thought that he was going to be a gentleman and comfort Anna, but he was a way jerk. He stared at Anna, and I started growing confused.

"Anna, you aren't welcome anymore." Harry said.

"I let her in." I said.

"Well Louis, did you want to torture me?" Harry asked sarcastically.

"No, I thought you liked Anna." I said, that's what he used to say.

"Well, I liked her because she was Niall's girlfriend." Harry said. "Now she's a mess." 

"Um.... Sitting right here." Anna said, she felt bad.

"Here's the gossip" Harry says and hands Anna a magazine. 

Anna's P.O.V

I look at the cover of the magazine. I see a picture of me and Niall edited to look like a split picture. I read the main caption. Niall Horan Dumps Chick And Scars Her Life

"Ugh, look." I said to Louis, handing him the magazine.

"I know how you feel." Louis said.

"I hope that headline bothered Niall more than it bothered me." I said to Louis.

Louis kissed me on the lips unexpectedly. I didn't know that staying for an hour would cause so much drama. I knew what he was doing, he just wanted me to feel okay. He loved me deeply, in way... Not a romance way, just a good friend way. When me and Louis stopped kissing, Harry showed me a new picture on his camera. It was me and Louis kissing.

"And send..." Harry said, I watched him post that picture on twitter.

Seconds later, there were comments everywhere. Things like: So, she's getting a new boyfriend... Or... Yeah, kiss him! I started feeling overwhelmed.

"That, is what you get." Harry said.

"For what?" I asked.

"Ah, why did I even bother..." Harry left the room.

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