Go Away, You Can't Help Me (Short Story)

Sorry my last blurb was STUPID! Okay so... A girl named Anna breaks up with Niall Horan. Harry is a jerk, and Zayn is... I can't explain... But yeah, this is a movella for the One Direction Fanfiction Comp! *Followed By A Song With Anna's Point Of View*


6. Anna, Anna, Anna...

Louis's P.O.V

When I woke up, I remembered that I slept with Anna. She was still asleep, and she looked like an angel. When I thought that, I took a moment and said to myself Okay... Why did I just call her an angel? I thought about that for a while. 

I got out of bed, and had some coffee in the kitchen. I looked at Anna's picture was on the table. I looked at her, it was a picture of the last time I saw her smile. I blew a kiss at the picture.

Anna then woke up. She stretched her arms. I had cooked a cup of coffee for her and gave it to her, we started to talk.

"So, so, so..." I said.

"Whatever Louis." She said.

"Ha!" I laughed.

"Louis... I remember when we first met." Anna said.

"Yeah, before we all became famous." I said.

"It's crazy how I was famous too, I was dating Niall... And the gossip took over." She said.

Me and Anna broke up into silence. I stared at her eyes again. It was weird. I saw tears, and laughter at the same time. It was beautiful. 

"Listen... Louis... You don't have to treat me like a princess." She said.

"Aw, but you are the only princess I got." I said.

"Louis, plenty of girls want you to please them." She said.

"You are the only girl that I want to please." I said.

Harry was awake and I got worried. He walked into the kitchen. 

"Anna, go into my room, Harry's coming." I whispered.

"Okay." Anna said.

Then, it was just me and Harry. I was glad. Harry is my best friend, I just am really mad at him because he was so mean to Anna yesterday. 

"So... I hear that Anna slept the night." He said.

"Yeah, did you mean what you said yesterday?" I asked.

"I say what I mean." He said.

"So?" I asked.

"Yes, I did mean it." Harry said.

"Come on, stop being jerky." I said.

"No, Anna needed someone to teach her a lesson." He said.

"Please, stop." I said.

"Come on, Anna is so ugly." He said.

"Shut up Harry! Anna is beautiful!" I shouted.

"Bye Louis." Harry walked out of the room.

I just called Anna beautiful. I have to admit it, I love her eyes and her smile. But I just learned one thing... I think I am in love with Anna.

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