A last kiss (calum hood imagine)

This is an IMAGINE!
What if u saw the love of your life all straddled up on some fake, blonde bimbo? Well Felicity wasn't taking it well... This sound pretty normal.. Right? What if i tould you Fizzys love was the one and only, Calum Hood?


1. imagine

You were just sick of everything, that girl wasn't supposed to be in his arms! It wasn't true, you were only sleeping, you would wake up tomorrow, walk down the stairs and see him waiting for you in the hallway. You would run over to him, he would place his hands around your waist, lift you up and you would kiss passionetly... But you deep down you knew, it was to good to last...

You walked furiusly down the street, as far away from the club as you could get.

You desided to take the fastest way, trough the dark park.

Out of the blue, the weather desided to make everything a little bit worse. The rain silderd down inbetween the trees and you could feel the cold drops meet your brown, straight hair. You started to run a bit, but your black high heels were itching and scratching.. And you didn't want to take them of, because the mud under your feet weren't realy tempting...

Suddenly a strong, but calm hand grabbed your shoulder and turned you around.

"Fizzy im sorry, it wasn't what it looked like. Im realy, realy sorry, i know i dont deserve it, but pleas, pleas just try to forgive me. You are the best thing that has ever happend to me, i cant picture me a life without you, you are my world, my gravity... My everyting."

His brown, sparkely eyes met yours, they were wet and red. His brown, beutiful, hair laid in wet clumps around his head and his warm, big and firm hands took yours.

"Calum, i can forgive, but i will never forgett... I love you too, i just dont know if i can, or ever will trust you again." His eyes looked sad, but a little lighter. "I just want to tell you that even tho you, maby, someday will want to leave me, maby now, maby later... But i will never stop loving you Felicity".

Calum moved up to you and huged you close to his chest. You could feel his heart beat faster as your body met his.

As he held you there, you could feel your silent tears stream down your face.

After a while Calum let you go. He lifted his warm hands and cupped your facewith, his tumbs whiped away your tears. He let go and gave you a last kiss on the mouth before he turned around and walked slowly trough the rain.

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