Destiny Until The End (Louis Tomlinson Love Story)

A part of me will always be you and a part of you will always be me. No matter what happens ,that much is certain our souls are one until life closes the curtain. I will love your forever, For worse or for better, You are tattooed in my heart, And nothing can tear our souls apart.

I will never forget you
For my love is honest and true.

© Silke Wettergren


6. Chapter 5

I always knew that love would come find me someday, but never did I know that it would be you who was headed my way you caught me off guard and took me by surprise, but you simply captivated me, the same way you do when I look into your eyes

It's true that every good and perfect gift is from above you were presented to me as a beautifully packaged gift full of humor, talent, intelligence, beauty and love

"it isn't finding the perfect person but learning to see an imperfect person perfectly"

we all have our flaws but when I view you through my eyes, perfection is all I see. By: Florence

Tiffany Pov

-Recap: "Can you said that again Tiffany," Zayn said.

"I have cancer," I said bravely until Zayn and Niall were shocked but not Liam, I can see the hurt and sadness in Louis eyes and face and Harry chocked 



I did not say anything because I know it make him even more mad if I start talking. I felt guilty not telling him, but really do I wanted to tell him even he was on tour? Will I ruined his happiness singing enjoying the fans instead of worried about me? 

Harry was in shock, but came back to reality in angrier," WHY YOU DIDN'T TELL? WHY WOULD YOU KEEP THIS FROM ME? WHY WHY WHY!!!! He shouted.

I was crying now," I didn't want you worried about me because you were enjoying yourself I don't want to ruin it for you."

"It doesn't give you to right to keep this from me, I could helped you and mum with the treatment, I could be with you, but I guess not," he said walking away.

As he walked away I broke down tears and cry my heart out. I knew this would happen why I have to be stupid not telling my brother I should tell the Gemma doesn't know either. I deserved this...everything!!

Liam trying helped me stand on my feet, but I didn't I need to leave get out this stress so I decided to run out the door running down the street getting away everything finding a place that I needed to be alone. I can't do this!!

I kept running until I was in a forest, I stopped catching my breath I hear a loud flowing sound like hitting against the ground I walked to it and found a waterfall. 

I can not believe it seeing a beautiful sight feeling screaming my heart out telling me I can do this, Feeling like things is getting better, and I am feeling that I'm ready.

"I CAN DO THIS!! I AM READY!! I CAN TAKE CHALLENGE GOD IM READY FOR THIS JOURNEY WITH YOU," I screamed to the sky and felt tears running down on my cheek feeling a smile on my face.

Now, I am feeling confidents....

Harry Pov

I can't believed that she didn't tell me. Now, I got the feeling that mum didn't even tell me either, but why.

Tiffany told me she didn't wanted ruin my happiness what that suppose to mean?

I shrugged taking deep breath walking out of my room feeling hash leaving Tiff in the kitchen like that. I just need to cool off, I walked in the kitchen seeing a panicking Liam, a worried Zayn, a crying Niall, and a emotionless Louis I looked around not seeing Tiffany. I becoming worried, panicking, and anxious. 

"What happen," I asked.

"Well, after you left Tiffany ran off outside somewhere because she feel like she needed get away," Liam said.

Now, I get guilty because this is my fault that Tiffany ran off somewhere. I gave my coat and the key.

"Where you think your going," Zayn asked.

"Finding my little sister anyone wanted come you better come," I said feeling everyone wants to come. Everyone got the car, I started the car and start looking for Tiffany...

-20 mins later-

We couldn't find Tiffany anywhere and I am getting scared what if something bad happen to her? I could not forgive myself if something had happen to her.

Niall thought that she might be back in the tour bus, so we came back and saw Tiffany sleeping the couch with blood shot on her on cheeks. Was she crying for us?

Is hooked Tiff's shoulder as she groaned in her sleep getting up seeing everyone. She grab me into a hug apologizing over again. I whisper sweet things in her ear comfort her.

"I'm sorry Tiffany making you run off like that I should support anyway, I always love you so much and I won't let you go," I said as a tear running down on my cheek.

"And I am sorry too, I should tell you, but I won't ruin your life becoming a superstar, letting the fans listen to you guys beautiful voices and expressing your dreams. I didn't want that and I love you so much and I am glad I have brother and a best friend like you," She said smiling sadly.

I kissed her cheek as she swiped my years away.

"Since we got the over with let watch a movie," Liam said.

"GET THE POPCORN," Niall shouted. Zayn chuckled and I don't know what wrong with Louis. He looked off.....

Louis Pov 

I don't know what's wrong with me. When I am around with Tiffany my stomach flatter and my heart beats faster.

Harry looked at me strangely, but I waved him off saying I am ok. He nodded not believing me, I don't know if I wanted to tell my best friend will he be mad at me?

Liam picked Toy Story, Tiffany laugh the parts is funny and I wasn't paying attention the movie I was staring at her flushed when laugh. Man, I love how she laugh- what?

I am falling for Tiffany Styles?

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