Destiny Until The End (Louis Tomlinson Love Story)

A part of me will always be you and a part of you will always be me. No matter what happens ,that much is certain our souls are one until life closes the curtain. I will love your forever, For worse or for better, You are tattooed in my heart, And nothing can tear our souls apart.

I will never forget you
For my love is honest and true.

© Silke Wettergren


3. Chapter 2

Feeling tense, it's so hard to breathe, as every night I cry so desperately, to put the hurt in the past, as I walk out my room, my heart beats so fast. You shouldn't feel so scared to talk, so scared to joke, or so scared to walk. You don't have it bad. Grow up You're immature! is what you say, then why do I hurt so bad each day.  Heather R. Tindall 

Tiffany Pov

-Recap: You don't came down here forgetting your own sister or family, Never connected me or the family who's he thinks who is he.-

''Hi, Tiffany I miss you so much, you gotten big and why are you wearing that beanie ,'' He said. I forgot that I was wearing a beanie on top of my head.

''Nothing,'' I mumbled, He nodded I guess he heard me. I looked coldly at him asked again,'' Why are you here Harry?''

He was shocked at my voices change, good to know that I am angry with you. He said,'' I am taking breaking for the next tour, so I decided that I wanted you all to meet the rest of the lads.'' He smiled, but I looked away.

''Tiffany are you mad at me? Why?'' He asked. I ignored him walking away from him going to my room. Before I get to the door I felt a hand hold on my wrist and I knew it was Harry.

''What did I do wrong, Tiff? He asked again. I started to scream at him,'' LEAVE ME ALONE HARRY CAN YOU SEE I DON'T WANT YOU HERE, I THOUGHT YOU FORGOT OWN SISTER HUH? THAT WHAT I THOUGHT!'' I ran in the room closing without looking at him. 

That will do.... 

Harry Pov

''Tiffany are you mad at me? Why?'' I asked. She ignored me walking away from me going to her room. Before she get to the door I grab a hand hold of her wrist.

''What did I do wrong, Tiff? I asked again. I started to scream at him,'' LEAVE ME ALONE HARRY CAN YOU SEE I DON'T WANT YOU HERE, I THOUGHT YOU FORGOT OWN SISTER HUH? THAT WHAT I THOUGHT!'' She ran in the room closing without looking at me.

That really hurt me Did she really don't want me here? She thought I forgot about her? I realized that I stopped connection her since I got famous and put in as a band called One Direction. We have been going to places almost everyday I guess I didn't get to chat with Tiff anymore.

I walked downstairs about to cry, I got down everyone looked at me sadly I guess they heard everything what happen. 

"Man, are you alright," Zayn asked. I just nodded I am so speechless after that sense happen, I didn't know I was hurting her emotionally. 

"Is alright mate, I mean she didn't mention that," Liam comfort me.

"Yeah, I agree with Liam!" Niall smiled. I nodded as he signed.

"Give her some time Harry, she just upset that you never answer calls, texts, and your e-mail it's not your fault that you have a career now," Mum said smiling.

"I mean if I was you I would take Tiffany though the tour with us, so she will forgave you and you won't miss her, Harry," Louis said matter-of-fact. All the lads, mum, and me thinking that Louis have a good idea, I should take her to tour in like in 10 months, then we back home no matter what right?

"Yeah, mum we are going back on tour on Friday and we'll be back 10 months before you know it," I said. I saw mum turned paled and wide eyes. Something I said?

"Mum, did I say something wrong or--," I was cut out by mum.

"No, it just that why 10 months?" She asked sadly. I just shrugged and she nodded.

Something making mum seem off I don't know what wrong I have to find out. I asked," Why you asked?" She shake her ahead and said," Is not my place to say." Now, I am confused, what are not telling me?

"Well I am going to tell your sister this exciting news," she said smiling walking to Tiffany's room.

Anne Pov

I hope my daughter go to the tour with her brother, I mean it would be nice to go with your own brother when you have 10 months to go. I knocked on her door and I heard a mumble 'come in', I came in seeing Tiffany blood shots on her cheeks I walked to her and hugged her all my might.

"Why mum? Why is he here?" She asked. 

"He just wanted to come down here to see his little sister and his family, but I know you are hurt just please to get along with him," I said. She nodded slowly.

"Good, Harry subjected that you can go on tour with him, but he have to make sure about his boss," I said.

"Ok," that all she came out. I nodded 

"Came down eat dinner with us." She nodded as we both move off on her bed walking to the kitchen seeing the boys started eating their dinner also I notice Robin too.

"So Harry, what he say?" I asked .

"He said I can," he said excitedly.

"So you ready, sis," he asked Tiffany. She just nodded.

I think this going easy as I thought it would be....

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