You Make Me Strong: A Liam Payne Fanfiction

The One Direction Team has decided that Liam should see a psychiatrist, Dr. Bella Smit, for his irregular fear of spoons. He begins to fall in love with her, however, is she or someone she knows involved in the murder of Liam's father over 10 years ago? Will her mysterious ways tear them apart, or make them even stronger?


2. Therapist Appointment #1

Bella's POV

"Could you please squeeze him in?"

"I already told you, I'm booked today", I told the snobby record company manager. I'm not going to rearrange my schedule for some stuck-up teenage celebrity. It's not like I can help his case. I mean, who the hell is afraid of spoons?

"Please, Dr. Smit, we'll pay you greatly."

My mind instantly stopped wandering. These people are rich, I could get a great fortune, even if I cant help the poor boy...

After I hung up with the record producer, I began clearing my schedule. Liam James Payne will be in my 3pm appointment box.


Soon enough, a tall muscular boy walked in wearing a leather jacket and converse. He looked a lot older than I gave him credit for, about 20, my age. As soon as he took off his black sunglasses, the memories came flooding back.

The loss, the worry, the guilt that I had hidden so well all hit me in the gut. I turned away, and walked to my desk.

"Please take a seat", I said, trying to sound assertive. It came out quite shakily. I could tell the boy didn't want to be here, but I had to make the best of it.

"So what happens now", he asked quit rudely.

"First of all, you need to keep an open mind. We both know that your case is odd and I've treated many odd cases before. I have not cured everyone, but maybe I could at least help you understand it a little more. So remember that the next time you decide to walk into my office like you own it. You may be paying me, but I'm the professional here."

"Hopefully after today, I wont even need to come back. I understand my odd case very much. I know why and how I got it, I don't need a therapist to figure that out for me. We both know you cant cure me, so why am I here exactly?"

"Why don't you tell me why and how you got this phobia then, Mr. Payne."

He looked away. "I don't need to answer to you."

I smiled to myself. I had a breakthrough. "This is why I'm here. Maybe I can help you be a little more open about it. Over a few sessions, maybe you'll be able to tell me and I can guarantee that that's the first step to solving your case. And that was the purpose of today, Liam."

"I guess so. Maybe when I get to know you, I'll be able to explain it. It's hard to put it into words."

"That's what I'm here for. This was an interesting session, but I must get going. I'm very busy today, but hopefully you'll keep what I said in mind", I said, standing up to shake his hand.

Liam stood up, and slipped his shades back on. He reached out his hand to shake mine, and our eyes locked. It was like we shared a silent truce, a quiet agreement. And that was all I needed.

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