The story of a kidnapped girl.


3. Three

      It has been three hours since Harry left. I can’t believe he simply stormed out of the house without worrying about me. I’m still new to all of this life thus I surely need someone standing by my side. But he, unlike what he should do, is acting strangely as if he’s hiding something.

I’m wearing a baggy shirt I found in Harry’s closet that covers my body to my mid thighs. I make myself a cup of hot coffee and sit in the living room again. I stare to the white mug warming my small tiny hands when my mind begins to restore the previous events. “ Something is up with them I guess.” still makes no sense to me. I have no clue who are “them” and how they need Harry. I stand up to turn on the television when I knock the side of a bookcase, making some books fall on the floor. I am about to clean my mess when a folded paper catch my attention. Shaking hands hold it and slowly unfold my discovery. My throat hitches a gasp when I read the paper ; Detailed information about me are written on it. I take my time checking every single word. It has all : My full name, my birth date, my parents’ names, my phone number... everything. Why would Harry have such a thing ?  I grow scared. This whole situation is weird and there is something hidden.

I quickly put all the books back, throwing the paper to where I found it when I heard the crack of the front door which informs me of a new presence. I nervously listen to the heavy footsteps heading to my spot before revealling an abscentminded Harry. His deep thoughts expression turn to a grin when he sees me. I didn’t really know what to do, so I stand on my feet. Green orbs staring at my hazel ones as he comes closer to me. I bow my head intimidated by his strong eye contact that I couldn’t handle any longer. I feel his long arms catching my hips, dugging me into his body, hot puffs of breath warming my face. My eyes shut closed when Harry nuzzles his face in the crook of my neck, kissing and nibbling the skin harshly. I totally freaze unsure of what to do. Harry’s touch trailes to my jaw line, leaving red marks. When he begins to roughly suck the spot under my ear, realization hits me. I grab his shoulders and try to push him away . But my eyes wide open in surprise when I just cause him to moan against me, his strenght allowing him to overpower my smaller body. I struggle more and more in his hold, but I fail in stoping him. His hands wander my body and his thirsty lips are travelling to my lips. He pauses for a moment, lifting his head. A seductive look is all I’m offered, as he takes his lower lip between his teeth, before leaning in. I can’t take it anymore. “Stop !” I cry, “please Harry stop.” I don’t believe I succeeded. He gazes me for a moment before withdrowing, never breaking the eye contact. He holdes me for what feels like years then leaves the room.

I break down, taking my head in my hands. I am puzzled . I just pushed my boyfriend. The only way I can justify my actions is my lack of trust for him, my fear of the paper found in the bookcase and my current acceptance of this life.

I walk out of the room, hoping to find Harry. The hall is empty and I am obliged to go to his bedroom alone, anxiety killing me.

The door is open, but I prefer to knock... for safety ? My hand makes contact with the thick wood three times and I stand waiting for response. A raspy voice coming from behind me makes me jump.

“You don’t have to knock.”

His arm brushes mine when he passes near me and penetrates into the dark room. I stay still until I hear Harry chuckles from inside as he turns on the light. My feet carry my upper part slowly to stop few meters from him. He swiftly takes his shirt off, along with his tight black jeans to stay in only his boxers, exposing more bare skin. I am suddenly blessed by a perfect look to his body. His belly is craved into hard abdominals, and adorned by a large butterfly tattoo. Black ink drows shapes and forms on his strong big biceps. I admire his long muscled legs. He is hot. My eyes follow him as he climbs in the bed, gesturing me to come in by lightly tapping the spot next to him. I feel the sudden heat burning my cheeks when the idea of me and Harry in the same bed popped in my mind.

“C’mon or I’ll carry you .”

I surprize myself heading to the bed and laying inches away from Harry. He looks at me for a second before mumbling a “Good night” and turning to his other side, facing the wall.

I’m fighting my lonliness to sleep.




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