The story of a kidnapped girl.


1. One

      I’m feeling dizzy and dangerously weak.  My body is out of control as it lays on something soft. My eyes are firmly shut, preventing me from discovering where I am. I slowly move my right hand , grobing for any recognizable thing. But my research was just rewarded by the same feeling of softness under my touch. Suddenly , I hear a light snore coming from my left side. My curiosity to know the source of the sound takes over me and forces me to lazily open my eyes. My vision is blurry and I cannot distinguish anything. It feels like everything around me is overly lit and I find it difficult to adjust my eyes. Moments later, I begin to get used. As my vision is getting clearer ,I title my head a little bit to the side. I freaze. It’s a tall muscled man. Soft curly brown hair is falling on his forehead. His arms are tattooed and crossed infront of his chest as he sleeps. I feel confused and scared. Who is he ? What is he doing here ? I don’t know him. I actually don’t know anything : where I am, why I am here, what happened to me... I just woke up in this bed with a terrible feeling of emptiness. My thoughts are interrupted when the man’s eyes begin to slowly open. He blinks a couple times before focusing on me. As soon as he saw my awake status, he stands up and walks to me before sitting on the edge of my bed. I watch him pushing his curls back as he speaks :

“Good mornig babe.”

What ? babe ?!

“Are you alright ? Do you feel better ? I was so worried about you ! It has been two weeks since the accident... you spent it unconscious.”

My heart sinks.

“W..What accident ?” I finally talk “a..a..and who are you ?”

I can swear I saw a smirk forming on his face but he quickly covers it with a sad expression.

“Oh no....” he says sounding disappoint and heartbroken “I’m your boyfriend Onnie, I am Harry.”

I cannot no longer feel my hands. Harry stares curiously at me  with his dark green eyes as my features made an expression of shock. I don’t remember knowing someone called Harry, yet having a boyfriend.

“I ... I can’t remember...” I stumble .

He looks down to the bed and says :

“I know... the doctors told me you had a lost of memory.”

Oh Dear God. What on earth is going on. This is why I don’t know where I am or the reason I’m there.

“Miss Cliffi !” a girly excited voice echoed in the room. I weakly turn my head, allowing myself to discover my caller. It is a short fat woman clothed in a pink long dress. She must be the nurse.

“Oh you’re awake ! Finally ! Thanks God ! ”

I must had a terrible accident to make people worry about me like that.

In the next hour, I was examined by two doctors checking my health. I was told I lost a part of my memory but that I can leave the hospital anyway. That explains why I still remember my name and some other things .

When the doctors left, Harry stands on his feet again.

“C’mon love, time to go home.”

I hesitate . I just woke up and found a guy telling me he’s my boyfriend. I don’t really know if I should trust him. But..honestly, he seemed worried about me. Maybe he’s sincere... and let’s face reality, I don’t have anybody else in my contact list. A hand is offered to me which I take happily. Harry helps me gaining my balance and standing up. He quickly pecks my cheek then and brings some clothes for me to wear before leaving the room. I slowly tug the black jeans up my legs. They are perfectly my size. Harry must know a lot about me, even when it comes to clothes. Maybe we had moved on together. I blush at the idea and shake it from my head.

Once I changed in my new outfit, I call for Harry. He appears seconds later, a smile stuck on his face. Oh he has dimples.


“Let’s go.” 

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