Live love survive

It's been two years since the zombie apocalypse started. We would see them on the news but we didn't believe it. It wasn't that bad. Then these rotting monster things started to appear. They were eating people. Sofia will survive this outbreak. Won't she?


4. The Prison

When it's morning my dads usually first to get up but not today. Hey dad. I whisper. Time to get up sleepy head. Uggghh I don't want to. He moans. (It's usually the other way around but I guess it's Opposite Day!) I put get out with my dad (and Melody) and get the sheet off the car. We get in the car and drive away. Hey mom don't we have and extra pillow and blanket?i ask. Yeah actually we do she says. Ok I'm going to make Melody a small sleeping area. Aright she says. Hey Alexa, can you hand me the sticker book. Sure thing "big sis". Thanks "lil sis". I take the purple pillow and pink blanket and make Melody a small bed. I take the sticker book and put a few girly stickers (princesses, flowers, hearts) on the bottom of the seat and then boom perfect girly bed area thingamabober! After that I see a building. Hey everybody look a prison! And there's cars. Jim pull up over there!my mom says excitedly. We pull up and I see people I get out and a man points his crossbow at me. Wait don't shoot! I say. I have a baby with me I say as I hold up Melody. Hey Carol!the man says. Yeah Daryl? Carol says. Look what we have here. Let them in Carol says. But... Daryl says. Just do it. She says. They open up the gate and my dad drives in and I walk in. Welcome to the prison I'm Carol. Carol says.

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